Help! Living room dilemma

Wendy C
7 years ago
our new home is open plan, the furniture came with us from the UK, and I am struggling! The big wooden unit contains lots of sentimental stuff which I have endeavoured to make look nice, but the unit itself will only work in the corner it is in presently as it has only a right end corner to it, we have considered moving it to different locations but none work, apart from where it is, the problem in its location is that we are limited to where we put our sofas and chair to get a "conversational area" rather than all the seating "stuck to the walls" as is now, we are planning to replace all the flowered seating this year, but again not sure how to lay it out. Where I am standing is open to the dining room behind me, to the right are treble floor to ceiling glass sliding doors, and two windows either side of our tv, so we actually only really have two walls to place the unit on, all ideas welcome!

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