What colour should we paint our pergola?

5 years ago
Hi everyone,
We've just put a pergola on over our deck and are wondering what colour we should paint it? It will eventually be covered in polycarbonate and looks out on to a feature garden which will have grasses and flaxs as well as the chiminea. Our house is white and in keeping with that we had thought of painting it white. However as you can see white really stands out against the retaining walls (which will eventually be stained a reddish brown) and feature garden. Ideally we are after something that will complement the garden and retaining walls, rather than detracting from them. Other options we'd thought of were black (to match our fencing) but worry this mat get too hot and warp the timber or a wood stain but that may look like too much 'wood' give all our retaining walls and decking? Help please! All ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you

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