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Due to a break-in I have no access to a camera which is really needed to try to picture the place.
However, my house is designed that the kitchen/lounge/dining area take up the length of the house. Meaning all other rooms are the other length, one bdrm at each end of house.
The rest of the hallway is more doors than wall space. While there are the bedroom doors at each end there is also the sliding door from lounge to hall (when open covers almost the entire length of wall behind), then 10cm wall space to cupboard, 5cm space to next dble storage cupboards, till finally 28cm wall to west side Master bdrm door. Opposite wall from east - 1.4m of wall space from bdrm door to open laundry entry, 5cm wall space to toilet, 7.5cm to bthrm, then 1m wall space to Master bdrm. All doors are high reaching 5cm max before ceiling (smokers house with michael angelo ceiling tiles to make it worse).
I have 6wks to complete this. The lounge entry is a ranchslider with opposite wall (indented wall due to cupboards in hall), back wall in kitchen, and window box at opposite end of room a brown/grey depending on light. The other walls are a light sunshine yellow. Lounge is broken up with black and fire engine red furniture, rugs etc. Kitchen is tan/brown/grey cupboards - hence the brown/grey walls. Room is open plan and dining area is so narrow thanks to indented wall that nothing really can be done with it. However, that is the colour scheme we walk through to get to a very long, narrow and dark hall.
It's a first home really and the design alone is one-off and unique making it 'Love or Hate'. I initially was attracted to the colour scheme and have changed it many times throughout the 10yrs here. Electric blue at one stage most people loved however living with that colour isn't too comforting after a while.
I appreciate this is difficult to imagine without photos but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Budget is extremely limited now. Will try to post photos if I can find a digital camera or phone

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