Kitchen - pantry storage - help!

8 years ago
I am wanting to make some small changes in our kitchen, and need to add in appliances that we don't have yet. We don't currently have a microwave or a dishwasher.
1. We are going to move the fridge somewhere else in the kitchen (once we have removed a hot water cylinder), and will be left with an area there to do something with as a pantry/cupboard space. What is the best way to use that space effectively, especially since we are potentially removing other cupboards we currently use for plates, bowls and all our pantry items.
2. Where to put the dishwasher? ideally we would keep the drawers in the cabinetry in the main kitchen but that is where others have recommended to put the dishwasher. How should we arrange the cupboards/drawers under the benchtop?
3. Where should we put the microwave? would it work OK in the pantry?

Any ideas appreciated, I can add more photos if there are specific questions.

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