How to make best use of laundry space?

8 years ago
Currently my small laundry is accessed from our lounge, and you can see the door to it as you enter the house down the hallway. ideally we want to move the door to the laundry around the corner into the kitchen (see photo with double cupboards), and bring the wall of the laundry out to where the end of the cupboards currently are. But we will lose cupboard space (currently stores dishes and pantry items) in a house which doesn't really have any storage at all. We are building a new pantry somewhere else in the kitchen, but still need to make use of any space we can to store items e.g. linen, bedding, towels, general items.
The laundry is small and currently has a sink and a washing machine as per photos. We will buy a dryer in the future too, which could be wall mounted.
Are there any suggestions in terms of laying out the laundry to maximise the use of it, in what is a very small space. I estimate the laundry will be 1.4m by 1.55m.
Any suggestions appreciated!

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