Need help deciding on what colour to stain floor boards

5 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi, we live in NZ and have just purchased out first home, a 1930's timber house with Matai floorboards -almost throughout. The previous owners have ripped up the vinyl exposing the floorboards, re-sanded and polishing them (in some areas only and a very poor job, some boards need replacing, there are holes the floor and places in the floor where they haven't fully removed the vinyl. Currently this house is rented and before we move in I would like to paint the walls and get the floors finished. We have covered the floors with mats so hope you can get a good idea of what I am talking about from the 2 photos I have included. Also do you think it better to carpet the bedrooms or polish floor boards and buy big mats for the Winter. My issue is, do we go light or dark. We have white walls at present. Would like to go away form the yellowy tones in the floor, we have a white leather couch and a light coloured teak dining table. Personally would love to go white floor boards but my partner thinks to bachy ie.... we are not at the beach.

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