Need thoughts for backyard.

4 years ago

Hi all,

Thought I'd make a quick post to see if I can start getting some ideas for our backyard. It is currently a barren wasteland and I'm starting to get sick of looking out my back door :)

Our goal is to have something relatively low maintenance, modern-ish, and good value/bang for buck. While we love where we live, we know we wont be here forever, especially when we start to have kids, but we want to enjoy it for the time we are here - and hey, maybe we will love it so much that regardless of kids we will stay here.

With that said, ready to see some pictures to make you laugh (or cry)? We have a few ideas, and Ill list them out with each picture, but definitely keen to hear different opinions.

Firstly, this is the back of the house. There is a large-ish slab that comes from the back - about 5 meters x 9 meters. The Eves of the house have a fairly long overhang of about 2 meters. Evenly spaced along are 4 metal pillar things holding up the roof I guess. Dont mind that shade cloth, it was put up as a temporary solution for the hot Aussie summer. The carport at the side there will get pulled down eventually, and a bunch of other trash there.

Here is a view from the back fence,

My thinking so far,

1. Put a deck down over the entire slab. Pros - easy option, not hugely expensive as I have family who can help (though still a few thousand for the wood). Paint the pillars and pipes. Eventually will render the house as we dont like the bricks. Maybe paint the window roller shades. Cons - not many, the pillars are in annoying spots, would be a nice area but maybe not usable all year.


2. Build a conservator/sun roof all the way on the deck. Pros - would add an entire big room to the house, and I suspect increase the value of the house. Room could be used all year and be a really nice big space. Pillars are in a bad spot though still. Cons - really expensive option. Wouldnt just be building the room, would need to probably take out about half of the current back brick wall (left side in picture, where kitchen is). Lot's of structural things, plans and permits, etc. Maybe it isnt as crazy or expensive as I think though?

Both options have their pros and cons. The 4 metal pillars really annoy me - well mainly the middle 2.

So that's the back of the house... now looking the other way out, to the backyard...

So on the left there you can see an old shed. This is rickety, not sealed from the weather... it didnt even have doors until we had the temporary ones made there. It really is unusable, everything in there is covered in a layer of dirt and dust.

The paving area is pretty horrible, it is very uneven, lots of weeds, and generally just not done well.

Also of note, behind the back fence is a large alleyway you can drive down.

What we are thinking,

1. Over in the right hand side of this picture (where there is dirt and a small tree) we install a new, Colour Bond garage. Single car, but oversized to allow for storage. We would have it in the back corner there with 2 garage doors - 1 on each end. 1 end to come in via the alleyway, and 1 end where our driveway comes in. We got a quote for this with install and a slab, it is about $10-12,000.

2. Pull down the old shed.

3. Rip up all the current paving.

4. Have planter boxes around the remaining back fence and side fence where the old shed is.

5. Everything else will be grass in the middle with some nice bluestone pavers around the edges for walking. Im sure our little dog will love some grass.

The following picture (ignore the weeds ha!) shows the old shed better. Pretty old right? Anyway, with that down, planter boxes on the left side there and back fence. Everything else grass and pavers.

So to summarise, what Im thinking,

1. New colour bond garage - $10-12k.

2. Planter boxes - maybe like $1000 or so.

3. Bluestone pavers - couple thousand.

4. Grass - not sure $


5. Big deck off the house - say $3000 or $4000 in materials


6. A whole big expensive room - but could be a really awesome option and maximise the value of the house and our enjoyment of it.

It isnt all about the $$$, but that certainly is a big part of it. I like to balance cost vs options vs value.

Open to any thoughts, opinions, and of course pictures of houses :)

PS if you know of any house pictures with a similar roofline overhang to ours, that would be great to see also :)

Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to hearing some responses!

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