Kitchen done but which Splash-back?

April 18, 2016
It took ages to choose my new kitchen cabinet colours (I'm not a fan of white kitchens for me...) - now I'm stuck on colour of glass for splash back - glass supplier recommends dark for a classy look but I'm worried it'll all be too dark (photo is night time so normally plenty of natural light) - what do you think?

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  • cherterps
    What about bronze, it is lighter and still classy, see photo
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I would choose a light burgundy colour.

  • Vy

    this is our splash back ..cheery and goes well with our elusive gold kitchen

  • wuff
    I really like what Lizziem10, had done looks very stylish, but I do like the splash of colour as well, I do not like the idea of darker tiles as kitchen designer suggested. Good luck, it does cause anxiety, I have taken about 20 weeks to choose 2 occasional chairs for my sitting area, ordered last night, now I am worried I have chosen wrong ones :/
  • wuff
    I think the dark choices would be very oppressive, go colour or Lizzieem10 for sure...just had another look
  • Vy

    wuff post photos of your chair ?

  • Kat

    Definitely a pattern. Quite like the glass tile idea. You could be very brave and place your favourite image, behind a clear glass splashback. Maybe some colour, which I always like, or perhaps even a monochrome image would look classy, i.e. image of your own cbd, or your city skyline or as it is your kitchen, perhaps an image of your local foodies market would look vibrant, then decorate with a couple of Alessi items on the benchtop.

  • krc33

    I agree with your glass supplier.

    My first thought whilst looking at your kitchen photo was to go with a 'smokey quartz/grey' glass splashback. I reckon this colour would blend well with the rest of the kitchen and provide a good contrast to the wooden floors. Too much colour may take away from the beautiful cabinetry and make the overall area look too busy.

    Good luck clikmania. You have a beautiful kitchen.

  • nixg75
    Hi. Beautiful kitchen. Try Metaline splasbacks. There are a range of colour said to choose from.!/splashbacks/metaline-splashbacks-and-panels/
  • Krista Why
    Elegant look so far but I think in all the 'slickness' it's clear your kitchen is missing just one element. Texture! Have you considered pressed tin? It adds an extra dimension, styles range from traditional (first pic, in its natural form will also bounce light around the space) or a more modern take (second pic, as you can see colours can also be varied, black is available but I think you need a contrast)... If pressed tin is not your thing still try some textured tiles like the third pic, I think you'll be pleased you added a more tactile, visually interesting surface.
  • Barbara

    Nothing to do with colour but I recently spoke to friends who redid their kitchen and they were advised not to choose glass over tiles, as glass requires an obscene amount of cleaning to get rid of cooking marks unlike tiles which are far more forgiving and easier to clean.

    I too was desperate to have glass splashbacks in my kitchen but now I'm quite unsure and will probably go with tiles.

    Hope someone out there says I'm wrongly informed, as I so love glass!!

  • Vy

    Barbara..another option would be granite tiles..we had them at our old place to match the granite bench tops..easy to clean..:)

  • Vy

    Glass is okie..we have it down here at our beach house ..but then I only do minimal cooking down here..only when down for work

  • Barbara

    Hi Vy,

    Thanks for your advice, nothing like getting information from someone who knows or has a product and can comment on maintenence.

    I have just had my kitchen drawn up for a Bunnings Kaboodle design, not 100% sure of it yet but for now, just looking at my options, as the service is free in store, so it's wonderful to be able to look at your own design in 3D and get a real feel for how it can look finished!!!

    The door/draw quality seem to be quite good, as I chose the best they had in the range and I plan to go stone benchtops not laminate, so I could continue the stone for a splashback for sure.

  • amorro

    Hi, nice kitchen. If you want to keep the classy look, because all your fixtures are chrome, I'd consider a light silver metallic. Good luck!

  • Gallifrey
    Recently had your same decision regarding splash back for our new kitchen. We worked with s great interior designer who convinced us to take a risk.

    We went with some bold tiles, which have become a real feature. Photo below
  • Angela Ryan
    Wow Factor... stick with aluminium splashbach. versatile clean lines and easy maintenance.
  • PRO
    Edwards Renovations Pty Ltd
    That's a nice modern kitchen there, how about a black mirrored splash back as an idea?
  • danikc

    Metallic glass all the way! We have dark timber cupboards with black granite tops and even have a black wall in the kitchen and timber ceiling and went with a deep nuetral metallic slump glass and it looks amazing! The glass reflects so adds lots of light and because it's slump glass it's easy to clean-no streaks,just wipe with a cloth occasionally! Will see if I can find a pic...

  • clikmania
    Thank you so much everyone for your comments and suggestions! I agree that I need texture however when I phoned the glass supplier they said the glass has been cut and they are waiting on a decision for colour ... I am thinking I'll add texture with a large piece of textured art on the wall at the end (above the coffee machine) ....
    Therefore the decision now is only COLOUR of glass - there's such opposite extreme suggestions in the responses that I still can't decide so anymore thoughts welcome - I'm leaning to dark glass or mirror for a classy look :) Thank you all so far :)
  • Kat

    Hi Clikmania, smoked or grey glass, good luck, please show us the photos when you have chosen your art piece etc. Enjoy!

  • Colleen Gibson

    Hi, I would go a bronzed mirrored splashback. Looks amazing very lux and classy. Good luck.

  • krc33

    The visual offered by Edwards Renovations Pty Ltd looks pretty close to the 'smokey quartz/grey' glass splashback I had in mind, with the added mirror effect. This would really open up the space and give you the light aspect you required. Keep in mind that texture can always be introduced in other ways. For e.g. through plants, such as Leather Leaf Ferns, artwork - which would look good placed on the wall to the right of the door, as shown in photo one and through the positioning of some kitchen appliances/aids, kept on the kitchen bench for display/function purposes. A couple of subtle pieces may be all you need to create the texture you are wanting.

  • clikmania
    I too really like the visual by Edwards Renovations Pty Ltd and quite like the added mirror effect - the glass supplier warned me against mirror but maybe I need to rethink!
    I agree krc33 that I can add texture in other ways and I think a piece of textured art on the wall right of the door (above the kettle - and where the coffee machine will also go) will help - but I really like the idea of plants too - had considered hanging some herbs or slim pots on the windowsill so may go back to that idea....
  • danikc

    Clickmania If you use slump glass you can have texture that is easy to clean without being too busy...

  • danikc

    Barbara, Glass doesn't have to be a cleaning nightmare at all! We went for slumped glass (it is smooth to touch,the texture is on the back) and cleaning is not an issue,you can seriously wipe it with a damp cloth and it doesn't even streak! And there is no grout! It's a cleaning miracle! We have six kids so trust me,I know about cleaning! We now have a huge slumped glass splash back in the laundry too and are about to renovate two bathrooms and definitely using as much as I can in both-seriously considering it in the shower! Best decision EVER and you can have it it any color,my kitchen pics are above and I went for a purple pearl finish in my laundry and it looks amazing,hope this helps you with your choice!

  • Barbara

    @ danikc,

    Thank you for the info, I actually love slumped glass and planned on having it on a few overhead cupboards as a feature so that I still had glass but not the sort that you could see through or was hard to keep clean if it was clear.

    I have just completed a Bunnings kitchen quote and they have slimline overhead cupboards with a sort of green, slightly opaque glass, don't like it at all but had thought of changing it to slumped glass at my cost obviously.

    Appreciate the help and perhaps I can have my glass splashback afterall!!!



  • danikc

    Barbara,also,if you go to a glass place rather than a kitchen/splash back place,you can get the glass cut to measure then paint it yourself.thats what we did and the cost was very low-I even used sample pots of paint! I will post a pic of the purple one tomorrow,it has a real wow factor! We are lucky enough to have a glass artist in the family so he made ours but glass is actually really cheap,it's the painting and installation that makes it pricey and it couldn't be easier to do it yourself...

  • brennz
    Glass splashback a are definitely NOT high maintenance !! Quite the opposite, always look clean and smart with a simple wipe over.
  • brennz
    Glass all the way, you'll love it !!
    Go with something light, the dark will be, well, dark !
    Tiles are much higher maintainence. Grout is time consuming to clean, collects grease, mould, stains & dirt. I chose mine by picking 2 colours and painting them on separate boards 1m X 1m. Propped them up in situ, walked past them for a few days and the choice became easy. Good luck, beautiful kitchen
  • clikmania
    Great idea - I'll buy some paint and test it :)
  • PRO
    Access Home Inspections

    Mini ripple iron looks fantastic with a range of colors - I like the natural look

  • PRO
    Kitchens by Matric

    Barbara, what you might like to look at for those slimline overhead cabinets is a low-iron glass which reduces that green tone. Contact your local glazier and they should be able to sort you out. :)

    Danikc, I completely agree. From my experience, glass splashbacks are very easy to maintain (and fun to write messages for the family on, too!)

    Just arriving home and it still looks clean! Unfortunately I can't say the same about the dishes my children left in the sink...

  • dohraime

    clikmania, I remember your cabinet colour choice dilemma. What is the name of the colour you ended up going with. It looks great!

  • Dee Reddy
    Barbara I have had a glass splash back for 6 years and would NEVER EVER GO BACK TO TILES! I hate gleaning the grout lines too much. Glass is the easiest surface to maintain, I give it a good clean with water and an Enjo cloth and if it's really filthy I may spray some cleaner on it but that's about all.
    Clikmania you won't be disappointed with glass.
  • Barbara

    @Kitchens by Matric, @thereddys, @danikc, @Vy,

    Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I was pretty sure glass or anything without grout would be easier to clean, I was simply missinformed.

    So it's settled, a glass splashback it will be, now the colour?? ha-ha!!!

  • clikmania
    Thanks dohraime! The cabinets are Laminex - the base units are SORREL with a finger pull and the tall units are FOSSIL in Riven finish so any finger prints are hardly seen as they are push catches. The stone bench top is Smart Stone - NAXOS.

    We had glass splash-back in our house we renovated in 2001 and loved it - fresh and extremely easy to clean! Tenants now live in that house and the glass looks as good as it did when we put it in!!

    The big day is tomorrow - going to the glass supplier to choose colour!!
  • clikmania
    The second part of my last comment was for you in particular Barbara :)
  • danikc

    This is my laundry splashback,the color is a bit more of a vibrant purple,it looks s little grey here.....

  • pamackenziequilts

    Just a word of warning! Friends had a glass splashback installed, painted creamy to match their walls - BUT - the glass had that GREEN GLASS tinge & made it look horrible. Had to have it taken out & redone with CLEAR glass. Just check before you commit if glass is your final choice.

  • mrsmacks08

    Hi Clikmania, i have just renovated my son's split level home and installed totally new kitchen, i chose black mirrored splashbacks with black benchtops, white drawer fronts and stainless steel appliances, your kitchen looks great and i think would look great with the black mirrored splashbacks also. I will add photos for you asap( the ones i have don't show up very well)

  • clikmania
    Would love to see photos thanks
  • PRO
    The splashback area can be such a great space to display art, design or colour for your kitchen. Create your own tiles and be unique!
  • Sina Nova

    advised if going for grey tones to step up into opti glass that doesn't have a green tinge to it. love your kitchen.

  • Colleen Gibson

    Hi Gallifrey just wondering what is the name of the wood cabinets you've used in your kitchen?

  • girlguides
    Given splashback appears to be only under canopy with rest of wall painted I'd go wall colour Definitely Not either colour tile you posted too dark and clash with cupboard colour but like cupboards and wall colour you chose
  • PRO

    A decorative aluminium splashback would nicely break up the block colours used already. Go with something striking or subtle, depending on your taste. DecoSplash has 100+ designs to choose from or you can use your own design or photo. 

  • Gallifrey

    Hi @coleen gibson

    the cabinets are a laminex product. Riven Sublime Teak from memory

  • Colleen Gibson

    Thanks @Gallifrey, I was hoping that was it, I've fallen in love with the sample but hadnt seen pic of cupboards in that product :D They look gorgeous, and I love the tiles too, thanks!

  • Angela Ryan
    what about the new "pressed tin" look tiles that are stunning and wont date too quickly. Good luck with whatever you choose.