External cladding for new extension

6 years ago

Later in the year we are extending the front of our house to add a bedroom and small study. The house is a late 80s brick veneer, with weather board infills above windows.

We don't want to render the bricks afterwards and are intending to fully strip and clean the existing front of the house to reuse the bricks on the new front wall once it's built.

My dilemma relates to the short section of new wall that will exist along the front entry path - the front is moving out about 1.8m, which is more or less the full width of the garden bed in the picture (the new front wall of the house will line up with the existing car port). My concern relates to how well a new section of brick wall would blend with the existing wall - although we will be using the original bricks (no issues with colour matching etc), it will obviously be new mortar along a defined line. I'm worried that this will be really obvious (can they realistically colour match 30 year old mortar?!).

We will be adding a new enclosed porch at the end of that entry path, which will be clad, most probably in a vertical Weathertex painted in Woodland Grey (the colour of the trim currently). I'm wondering if we should make a bit of a feature of that front
corner by cladding the new 1.8m section of wall in the same board as the enclosed porch. Or would this just look a bit odd?!

Interested to hear thoughts or alternative ideas! Thanks!

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