Need advice for the window seats

Em J
June 2, 2016

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Do you think window seats works for the dinning area? should I have window seats for both windows? or it will occupied too much spaces and made the dinning area even smaller? Please advice, thanks

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  • jmm1837

    Window seats are fine if you've got a bay window, but I can't see the value if you have straight walls. They're less flexible and comfortable than chairs.

  • Vy

    what a lovely idea ..I'd go for it ..you'd need to frame it in though..ie build wall units on both sides..below are examples of straight windows..

  • Vy

    oopsies you meant bench seats for the dining ..in that case no from your example it's obscuring the views..and your windows are quite low..

    was going to suggest your inner wall but you've got a servery there

    how high off the floor is your window? here's a low line one..

  • John Knowles
    I would only put a window seat at the far end, this would square the room a bit and not make it look long and narrow. Just a thought.
  • PRO
    Stephen Palmer Design Studio

    Window seats are often uncomfortable because they are too high and/or too deep and they usually do not have good back support. So, fine for storage and perhaps for appearance but not very useful for sitting on.

  • girlguides
    Agree with John only end wall
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    They are good for dining for kids, not for adults.

  • ebplace
    I love a long bench seat but I'd keep it to one side only - and generally assume kids will sit there, not so comfy for adults
  • Kat

    Hi Em j, if you are sticking with your MCM style, please see the attached photo. Perhaps to encourage longer lingering when guests are dining, you could extend the backs up higher where the seats have no window behind them/in the corner. I think it would look lovely and would give you more space in your dining room, as it does look a little tight at the moment. Good luck with it!

  • melrop

    Bench and booth seats may look lovely, but they are never practical. Those sitting on the ends always have to get up for someone in the middle getting in or out. They're okay for a restaurant or cafe (being an occasional outing), but not for everyday dining at home. It will be a novelty at first, but you'll quickly get fed up with it.

  • PRO
    Anna Cottee Designs

    Hi Em j. I agree with melrop. I don't think they are practical for every day dining. If you mean bench seats for dining rather than window seats for lounging or reading that is. If you want a narrow window seat for other than dining then I agree that adding one to the end wall would be a nice touch. If you are thinking of adding an L shaped bench seat right around the windows you will have to consider rearranging the layout of your furniture for it to work, and I don't believe your room has the right dimensions to do this.

  • Jacinta O'Brien
    Try it out with benches first as manoeuvrability around the table might be compromised. You might forever have people sliding in and out to let others get up from the table.
  • Jacinta O'Brien
    They it out with benches or your current chairs. Manoeuvrability may be compromised as whoever sits in the corner will need to get people to move in order to get up from the table. They have to do this with a nook style seating arrangement as well but depending on your guests, may not be the best option.
  • Em J
    Thanks a lot for everyone's advices, greatly appreciated. I think I will leave the window seats for now. As everyone else in the family against this idea too