HELP! Choosing "white" paint for walls.

4 years ago
Hi guys,

I really need some advice please on the right white color to paint our walls.

Our living, dinning is south facing.
Master is west facing.
the 2 bedrooms, main bath are north facing and
the laundry and kitchen are east facing.
We have a hallway that divides the bedrooms from the main living area and it's very dark!!!

I'm looking for a white on the ceiling and trims.
And a separate white on the walls.

I don't want anything to stark or too dull/creamy.

It seems that the Dukux warm whites look very dark on the walls - very creamy. I've tried Natural white, antique white USA, Casper white and whisper white.

The Dulux cool whites reflect the the blues/silver on the walls too much. And it's quite obvious. Ive tested patches on the wall of lexicon qtr and white on white.

The only color that doesn't show any undertone is vivid white. I don't want to paint everything in that because I would like a bit of a contrast.

I'm after a warm white that doesn't appear cream or yellow on the walls. Any ideas please?

We have Tasmanian oak floorboards that will be stained in a teak color. Our kitchen is white with a marble benchtop. I will be putting ivory white curtains with white sheers. Essentially our color palette is whites, blacks, grey/charcoal.

Would love your thoughts on which "whites" you think will work.

Thanking you

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