Splashback help pls.

Stacey West
June 7, 2016
We have had our new kitchen installed (finally). We r so happy with it all thus far. I had my heart set on a mirror splashback but unfortunately all quotes have come in way above what I had budgeted. So now I am unsure as what we should go with. Below is a couple of photo's of the kitchen, floor tiles & pendants.

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  • LouieT

    Hi Stacey, your kitchen choices look fabulous so far!

    What about a white glass splash back?

  • girlguides
    I don't know cost price mirror splashback v glass. (Star fire v green ie not oxide free) but if can't afford any of these just go largest white tiles can Not subway as sure it will date but rest of your kitchen won't Not grey either I'm not normally into white kitchens but if you have to go tiles just go satin white timeless !!
  • amandapid
    Looking at your colours so far, you could introduce a warm soft grey splashback tile. This will provide some definition the the space and unite the bench top and cabinets. Good luck
  • ckat0076
    I'd go with either white glass splash back or a silver. I don't think it's very pricey. I'm doing it myself.
  • Stacey West
    I have been out looking at tiles today. It is so hard to choose. I must admit I have fallen in love with the below marble herringbone tiles. The sales assistant suggested doing this as a feature behind the stove with a white satin tiles. I am wondering if I just do it all the way.
  • PRO
    Green Room Interiors

    How exciting for you Stacey! I was going to suggest white or marble patterned tiles in an interesting layout design on the splashback. To simplify it, I'd use the same tile over the entire splashback. Tiles are by far cheaper than glass or mirror and so much more interesting. Going for a ceramic over marble tiles is cheaper again. Cheap may not need to be boring, also consider the grout colour, as it can really change the look and feel also. Good luck!

  • PRO
    Stephen Palmer Design Studio

    Your kitchen is extremely WHITE. Multi coloured tiles could give it a lift and you could install them yourself? Any sort of glass - mirror or coloured - will be expensive. There are ceramic sheet materials available that are very pretty but probably too expensive for you and, like glass, they need to be professionally cut.

  • Georgina Gain
    Where to find a coffee table like this? It has a marble top by the looks of it. Can anyone point me to a supplier who stocks this sort of table?