Need help with kitchen design

Ingrid Smith
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I have quite a large area for a kitchen, and I'm just trying to get ideas on locations for sinks, dishwashers, fridges, pantries etc. I've thrown together a design (see image) but I'm sure it's not what I want in terms of shape or locations or anything! My current kitchen, although small, has lots of storage as well as a walk-in-pantry which I think I would miss. Questions: Sink and dishwasher on kitchen island? Because it's close to the dining room table, would it be handier to have it there than in the bench? If the sink did go in the main bench, would it be better in front of the window? Where am I best to have the pantry? Can you see any scope for a walk in pantry anywhere? Would a U-shaped kitchen be better than an L in this situation? It would create a narrow entry which I'm not as keen on. Any other tips/tricks/suggestions are welcome!

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