Please critique our kitchen design

Jason Langworthy
3 years ago

We're building a new house and this is our (close to final) kitchen design. We'd love your feedback - particularly any issues you can see.

It is a large kitchen and is part of an open plan living/dining room which opens to a covered alfresco area to the north (not shown).

The cooktop is a 900mm induction hob (with 5 elements) plus a 300mm gas hob alongside (note the drawings only show a 900mm cooktop).

Not show are 2 x 610mm cavity sliders between the kitchen and scullery.

The wall behind the cooktop is one single pane of (non-opening glass) as there is a great view in this direction. We plan to have the benchtop and cabinetry go right up to the glass on this window so it appears "edgeless".

There is also a light well (with opening roof windows) approx 2.7m x 1.2m in size positioned above the main kitchen space. It is positioned as close as possible to the south cabinetry. The ceiling is raked from 2.4m and the south wall to 3.6m at the north edge of the pantry.

Things to note about why our design is the way it is:

- We love to cook with friends and family and can have up to 5 cooks operating at once some times.

- We want room for 5-6 people to prep/eat at the breakfast bar.

- We want noisy appliances and the main dishwashing activities to be able to be closed off from the living room when needed.

Any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks

(The house plan can be seen at https://www.houzz.co.nz/discussions/please-critique-our-house-plan-dsvw-vd~4521715)

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