help with front facade.

Naomi Stephens
April 10, 2018
Was hoping I could get some advice on the front facade. I would like a dark roof, and I like the timber above portico matching with a timber garage door. Any advice on bricks and render colour?

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  • Lorraine Watson

    I'm at the same stage; it's hard choosing everything. I've decided that because there are less colours in Colourbond roofing, that's the colour to choose first, then the brick then the paint. I guess if you are set on a brick, you could start there and match your roof to that. There are so many paint colours so leave them to last.

  • PRO
    Eco Outdoor AUS

    Hi Naomi, what a beautiful project! We can empathise with how difficult it can be to choose all the right products for a facade! I thought you might like this project that was recently completed using out Barrimah Stone cladding to help ground the facade of this house. Often it's best to choose a refined material palette to really create that sophisticated initial impact, if you would like to see more projects with this stone you can view it here: Eco Outdoor Barrimah. We look forward to hearing how your project comes along! All the best- from the Eco Outdoor Team.