Do you have any ideas for my living room?

Lindsey Christensen
May 21, 2018
last modified: June 14, 2018

Does anyone have any ideas on what we could put on our wall either side of the TV? It’s a very wide wall. 1 day we will get a long floating entertainment unit. Our house is very plain white and grey at the moment!


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  • scottevie

    A tall indoor plant (or plant on stand or hanging plants) would enjoy the light on the window side of the to unit. Perhaps you could buy some black frames and create an arrangement on the wall above the toy kitchen to hold your child's colourful artwork. Swap them out over time.... Meanwhile keep an eye out for long term artwork that appeals to you.

  • annb1997

    Hi Lindsey. I too love indoor plants and agree with scottevie. Another idea is to create a mini garden in a large round shallowish colourful planter/bowl with at least three tiny indoor plants (non-toxic, of course) and place in centre, or at one end, of your entertainment unit. Then group those framed photos together with, say, a scented candle or piece of pottery or vase (with more height than frames). This will serve to draw the eye downward rather than to bare walls, until you find artwork that appeals to you. Etsy has many wonderful art pieces, including handwoven wall hangings that you may enjoy. I also love the idea of featuring your child's artwork.

  • 94236633
    I have a similar situation and I got a pair of large artwork. It may not be to your taste but just an idea. Good luck with it.
  • Lindsey Christensen
    Great ideas everyone. I think an indoor plant would look good and bring in some greenery. A live one or artificial? My husband is keen to wallpaper the wall as a feature?
  • annb1997

    Live plants are lovely and contribute to filtering indoors air. A large fiddle leaf fig always looks great and they grow fairly quickly so you can start small if you wish. If you prefer artificial there's another thread where a particular supplier was mentioned. I'll see if I can locate it.

    Wallpaper is also a really beautiful and interesting way to decorate. Has either of you seen any you like in particular?

  • siriuskey

    Hi Lindsey, would it be difficult to offset the TV further to left on the Wall, this way you could have one larger something. I think offset is more interesting and better than centering the TV, it will also make watching the TV easier cheers

  • julie herbert
    Love the idea of the off centre tv, adds a really stylish look, fiddle leaf figs are great, I bought one from Tvsn (by Florabelle) it’s artificial and it’s fab, put it next to a real sansivera and hard to pick the real one, great advice above
  • annb1997

    Ahhh Julie, I was hoping you would provide the artificial plant supplier info! You are the best! Cheers.

  • celerygirl

    You have an elegant room. I would get shelving from both sides. Your TV set is too high. Check IKEA, they have some shelves/book cases, later you can use it for kid.

    All in your color palette.

  • celerygirl

    You can check IKEA Besta for TV unit too.

  • siriuskey

    Some ideas for you the first idea I love as it's so simple and allows for storage of foot stools/seats and or toy boxes, you could just do the single timber wall panel cheers

  • PRO
    Bluethumb Online Art Gallery

    Hi Lindsey,

    I love the plant idea and 94236633's idea of the two artworks on either side!
    I think a plant on the window side of the TV and an artwork on the other side would definitely give life to your room.

    I've provided a little example below with one our of our artist's (Marnie Mcknight) artwork:

    Let me know what you think:)
    Vlona, from Bluethumb.

  • annb1997

    Hi Lindsey. Any updates on your project?

  • Lindsey Christensen
    Not yet, loved reading everyone’s ideas. I think we will go with an artificial plant and a print. Now to just save some money to put these plans in place!!!
  • PRO
    Awkward Home

    Awesome ideas :)!

    Just wondering whether you would consider painting the wall a colour?

    It can make a huge difference, for under $100. Plus it can make it easier to style a wall when it has a darker base.

    Or even look at wall paper. It will give the room a completely different look immediately.

    And here's another artwork I think will look fantastic in your room -

    All the best Lindsey!


    website coming soon! download free furniture plan kit here

  • Jules B

    Where is the second tv unit from Julie?

  • julie herbert
    Hi Jules B,
    That tv unit is from overseas it’s called Zenn, this is one from here in Australia called the dwell Scandinavian tv unit, available at Interior Secrets and Kenz, I think it’s as beautiful, you could also add the floating shelves to wall, would look stunning, comes in black also.
  • Jules B

    Thanks Julie!

  • Carolin Roberts

    A large floor lamp on either side of the tv cabinet is another option....

  • k_l_field64
    I look at it and then place a printed item of in actually size and image to get a visual item balances before purchase.
    Picture, plant, chairs with cushions what ever you choose you need to be happy with the outcome
  • Michael. Powell

    Modern powdered coated laser cut outs Your chosen colour.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    For me, it would always be a mix of bookshelves and paintings.

  • billiesretreat

    How about wall sconces on either side of the TV. A simple stunning solution without a look of clutter. A very modern yet old world and something a bit different and unique.

    Temple and Webster have the most gorgeous art deco or nouveau styles at the moment

  • noahcat

    A dark timber panel disguises our tv and hides cables. We wallpapered either side and chose a soft blue from the wallpaper to paint the rest of the walls.

  • PRO
    Out Of The Box Interiors

    Hi Lindsey. If you're wanting something temporary to dress the wall until you install the floating unit, I would suggest creating interest with objects and decorative that can be relocated. I came up with the idea below. The image I have created is on Bazaart, so not completely to scale, but you get the idea!

  • Lynette Ludbrook

    With lots of white walls, try using some bold colours in the artwork, or their frames. That will draw your eye away from the dominance of the black mass of the TV screen. Again, check Ikea's frame range. They have some very funky ones. Love 'Out of the Box' mock up and definatley offset the TV to help create zones within the space. I'm a big fan of books in interiors and using some kind of shelving system could also be a possibility. If not books then items you love or are great to have at hand!

  • PRO

    Hi Lindsay, We hung a bunch of eclectic art and installed some simple shelves with interesting objects in timber, stone and some succulents in jars. Below the TV we had a turntable and some vinyl which was a practical alternative for entertainment and very charming. Good luck cheers Nick

  • Steve Gibson

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  • PRO
    Let's Revamp - Property Styling and Decorating

    Hi Lindsey,

    I also agree with the comments regarding adding indoor plants to fill the gaps on either side of the TV. Some great, low-maintenance indoor plants are the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera (also known as Swiss Cheese Plant) and Snake Plant (Mother-In-Law's Tongue). They're all beautiful plants and very ease to take care of.

    Another option would be to have some open shelving on either side, similar to the one we have used in this Living Room styling below. This could work really well, especially if you have limited storage for some bits and pieces you would like on display. A bonus is that including taller items like this will create a sense of balance in the room, and accentuate the height of your wall which will create an illusion of taller ceilings.

    Hope this helps!

    - Elena

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