Fire Place design help

Jo Louise
June 30, 2018
Fire place is hubbies work of Art & his pulling it off.
Black granite front & return side however he now wants to put the stack stone above it too... Father in law thinks the stone needs to go down the right wall also if he does the top. I feel there is enough happening without the stone with all the ins and outs his creates.
What you think?

Black window frames, grey tiles all tying in together. Xx
Thoughts please.

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  • oklouise

    much rather have a gorgeous artwork than the stone...if they insist the stone should be on the upside down Lshape, just around the heater, not above the mantlepiece or on the walls

  • Jo Louise
    Never thought of that.
    What other finish could I do?
  • oklouise

    imo any extra finish would detract from the already gorgeous shape, the floor and shiny black doesn't need any extras i would remove the stone and just have plain walls and nothing extra on the fireplace and walls at all.... although a simple L shaped shelf across the mantlepiece in black stained timber or tile would finish off the flat surface and make it easier to keep clean...consider having the shelf made with a thick curved edge that overhangs the edge a little on all three sides...lay some of the stone flat on the mantlepiece to get an idea of how it would look

  • julie herbert
    Looks gorgeous as is, the stacked stone would detract from it’s beautiful look, he has done a fab job , leave as is , very stylish
  • siriuskey

    What a great job he has done, don't spoil it by adding the stone, if anything I would consider the following concrete sheeting you can buy and cut into sizes to suit.cheers

  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    The black granite has been beautifully installed, visually anchors the fireplace, and looks very classy. I agree with the previous comments, and the stack stone detracts from the granite.

    Just cause hubby can glue stack stone to plasterboard doesn't mean that he should. As this material is so commonly used (especially on lower budget homes as it is so cost-effective) I think it cheapens the whole look, and limits what you can do above the mantle.

    When using stack stone you really need to consider the full three dimensions, so that it doesn't look like a thin veneer that has been tacked on, like in this photo.

    Remove the stack stone, replaster if necessary and in this case less is actually a whole lot more,

    Best of luck

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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  • Jo Louise

    Thank you so much for all agreeing the stackstone is not the right choice.

    SO i was thinking what about some type of concrete render to apply to the "L" area. Then paint the top area the Quarter Lexicon white and the right side will continue in the wall colour which is Dulux Manorburn. I want to advise this fire place was an after thought so we had no choice of the location with the flute not interfering the trusses.

    If we do apply the concrete render i think it needs to go to the left side also.. BUT the side is all on the one level as per the photo. I definatly think if you do the front the side needs to be done and the right return side. Do you all agree? Even thought there is no level difference between the left sides. HOPE that makes sense. the render will be slightly thicker anyhow. Thanx heaps!

  • siriuskey

    Adding to my earlier comment, this from Fixer Upper

  • Irene Morresey
    It looks gorgeous without doing anything else to it, perhaps a nice art piece
  • siriuskey

    Irenes second photo shows where you could use concrete sheeting or just grey paint to add more interest to that wall

  • Jo Louise
    Okay I’m either going to put the concrete render on the L or on the top and right side.
  • julie herbert
    I think the first photo you posted(remove stone)was gorgeous , a beautiful feature as is, so stylish
  • legendaryflame
    I like it as it was in the beginning without the stackstone or anything else being done to it except a nice mantle. The simplicity allows the fireplace to shine.
  • annb1997

    Hi Jo. My impression is that the black granite anchors the fireplace, and the white wall surround provides the most dramatic contrast. I would leave it alone as doing anything more will dilute the striking visual effect. But yes please a fantastic piece of colourful abstract art above the fireplace will be the crowning glory. My compliments to your husband. Your space is looking wonderful. Cheers.

  • scottevie

    Great work. I agree with keeping it simple with lovely artwork. Maybe some open shelves off to the side if you need a spot for some special items.

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  • PRO
    Bluethumb Online Art Gallery

    Hi Jo!

    Megan from Bluethumb Online Art Gallery here. I agree with scottevie and oklouise that an artwork would be a great option to finish off the fireplace. I love the idea of a concrete render, that will look stunning!

    I think an abstract piece would look great with the modern lines of the structure, so I've compiled a few suggestions from Bluethumb's artists that I think would look great. Of course, these are just an idea, so let us know if we can help further.

    My choice would be this intriguing piece by NSW-based artist, Brendan Kelly. I've roughly mocked it up for you, based on a estimate of the actual size of your fireplace.

    Some abstract options that would work wonderfully:

    Some alternatives to abstracts:

    Once again, let us know if we can help further :)

  • julie herbert
    Stunning paintings.
  • annb1997

    Jo, is the room immediately to right of this tiled fireplace area the living/family room? Just thinking the striking black hearth feature could be extended further along the wall (into this other room) as a low floating shelving/console storage unit, but instead of granite it could be either stained black (Japan black) or laminated finish to closely match the granite. Your saying the fireplace was an afterthought got me thinking of ways incorporating additional joinery could make it look like it was planned, plus provide practical storage. I’ll look for some photos...I’ve seen some somewhere...!

  • annb1997

    Looking forward to seeing how you finish up with the concrete-look render. Pls update with pics when you can. Cheers.

  • Jo Louise
    Check it out... painter did what he wanted without my opinion & I think it looks great
  • PRO
    Style & Design
    Hi Jo Louise

    I would agree that the stack stone is not the correct choice in this case. I also think that you have enough cold and hard surfaces with the tile floor and the black granite. I think a concrete look will make the room feel colder and take away from the beauty of the fireplace as it stands now. I agree with the suggestion of a big piece of artwork to add warmth and texture to the fireplace.