losing windows from rooms in renovation

7 years ago
We are just about to start a bathroom renovation (in under 3 weeks) and we have a separate toilet room within the bathroom.

We are going to be opening the entire bathroom up, removing the toilet from it location which is currently under the smaller window and placing it against another wall.

The toilet and bathroom windows will be right next to each other and are at different heights.

The builder has suggested remove the smaller toilet window, as the large window in the bathroom provides heaps of light (I agree its a must) and re-brick the exterior. The place where it would be removed and re-bricked is visible from the street, when looking down the driveway and I loath the look of recycled brick added to old brick for patching.

I was planning to have the larger window frosted for privacy but would it be or look out of place to keep the smaller window, frost it and have the builder remove the inside trim then completely drywall over the window keeping the look of the window outside but losing it inside? Will it look half ass and dickie? Has anyone done this before and were the any bad points?

Also tile up-stands with chrome edging Vs, painted Skirting boards for bathrooms?

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