Wall art suggestions needed

Polly D
August 9, 2018
Hi All,

I am trying to get some help on the options i have for the walls behind my 3×3 metres sofa. Here are my questions :-

1) Does the existing cushions and rug look nice with the sofa and wall color ? I like both pink and aqua and hence used them. I also like mustard and wine and can introduce them depending on the wall art I finalize.

2) How do u arrange cushions on a modular ?How many cushions and colors are too many ?

3) Should my wall art be atleast 150 to 200 cms in length considering my sofa is 300 ?

4)Should I go for one big canvas or framed print or two or three from a set ?

5) I would love to get original art but i cant go beyond a certain budget now. I have a few artists i like but i have to be happy with the prints for now. Is printed art a good option?

6) I love the new macarame wall hangings trend. Can get a big macarame on one wall and floating wall shelves on the other. Is that a good idea.

7) I dont want to hang pictures of family or photos by other photographers here. Have other walls for them.

Appreciate all inputs.


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