What colour carpet

September 2, 2018
last modified: September 2, 2018

I bought a Nick Scali lounge in slate. The entertainment cabinet is messmate (which doesn’t entirely match the teak coffee table and lamp). Thinking of re-carpeting to pull the room together. What colour carpet would work? Any other ideas to make the room look more complete?

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  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    I think a larger rug is a much better option, as well as being more economical :)
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  • bigreader
    A fabulous rug and cushions would improve the room. The carpet is a good neutral base. The tv cabinet and the coffee table look fine. The window coverings aren’t great. Is that an odd spot for the heating vent?
  • JE C
    I think try a large rug as well, maybe something bold- black and white?- and some cushions or throw in bright colors. I would put a large colorful abstract piece of art on the end wall where the lamp is currently.
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  • julie herbert
    I think a fabulous rug as suggested would look great, add a few textured cushions to compliment the ones you already have, throw your reindeer rug over couch or add a feature chair and show it off, could look gorgeous , love your unique coffee table.
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  • JE C
    Love the suggestion of putting the existing rug on the couch.
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  • legendaryflame
    I love Julie and Big reader's comments. I would change the window treatment to soft colourful curtaining and incorporate the suggestions already made. I like your coffee table and tv unit together btw. And a nice bit of artwork could pick up the curtain colour.
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  • Homemaker

    Thanks all. We do need to replace the carpet. I was thinking of a light grey. My preference is for a darker colour but I don’t think that would work?

  • legendaryflame
    What about a rich red carpet?
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  • KK1000
    If budget allows replace carpet with timber or laminate floating floors, then add a light colour carpet .
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  • 94236633
    I would go for a rug too. You have endless options for the colour as your room is neutral. Then a lovely throw choosing a colour from the rug.
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  • David Johnson

    I think a rug is a great option. Could go plenty of different directions with it as the room is neutral.

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  • PRO

    I think some colourful cushions would work a treat. I also like the idea of maybe timber floor with a rug.

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