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November 12, 2018

Just put an offer on this, subject to ours selling

I have a few ideas to improve it, would love to hear yours

The hot water cupboard is now in with the linen (not accessed via dining room)

but we are gettng a hot water outside heat pump bosch that whole linen/ hot water can be used for other things.

Fire is 40 yrs old. Going.

Its on a slight hill, have attached a few photos, condition cosmetic inside, structure is sound

built 1978 as a housing commission home. 685 sq mets, house 105 sq mets, north is where deck is

neighbours each side, but views through trees to maybe the harbour (arborist $10k, we will be getting him in) Under house, just storage and a wood concrete shed red

not going to extend, other than the deck, just tweak inside (add walls, chop some in half carpet/ paint but not changing the shape from outside)

2 adults, one 16 yr old (her other siblings...4 of them have left...poor girl)

will lock up and leave in 2 yrs to go to France for a couple years teaching..but otherwise a semi retirement home.

if you had $50k, what would you do....?

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  • kiwimills
    Thank you pottsy for your detailed thoughts.
    ...You like your bright colours! I agree about a charcoal fence.
    Unfortunately, we offered, got accepted, so we put our house on the market, it sold three days after the first open home but they accepted a cash offer on the property we wanted, 2 days after our open home . Grrrr
    So we lost it and now we have no where to go

    We may still do a Reno...but they are in the mid 300-400 and then you need 50-100 to spend on them
    So we may build again ??
    This land is way to dear I feel, we will offer tomorrow and see if they accept our offer ( it's not 220 and I don't want their plan, it's tiny kitchen and tiny land is not that appealing )

    If they don't we will carry on looking, but thank you for your insights.
    I might get you to share some ideas on a house plan !
  • kiwimills

    Bought this

    Needs up dating...but who cares. Its our 5 th offer on something ( 4 houses, one block of land ) finally someone said yes!!

    We settle 15 feb

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  • pottsy99

    Well done !

    That kitchen is weird haha , but I won't make any suggestions for the inside . The outside , depending what you want to do , would be easy IMO . Rock or bark gardens would look a bit nicer than silage wrap haha , but the house itself is 'unusual' with a charcoal roof , mid red/brown balcony and almost chocolate brown garage doors . Easy step -- do the balcony and garage doors in charcoal two -- makes the rest of the white look sharper . Tidy the palm and do that lower step in charcoal stain too .

    BUT I'd do the garage doors and the one beside them , in Sunshine Yellow or Citrus Orange or even a Bright Shamrock Green ( almost the V cans colour ) -- just me ! And I'd probably continue that colour around the balcony top rail and even the lower step rail too .

    The inside is liveable -- I'd concentrate on the street appeal as step 1 .

  • kiwimills are mr/ms colour thats for sure!!

    can you paint metal garage doors?

    you dont like silage wrap? all the rage in nz...not

  • kiwimills

    original plan..some things are already gone,

    wall in dining room, shower in main bath, not a U shape kitchen as they have bumped out window, linen is now a space for fridge

    and my ideas, reinstating shower and a powder room even if tiny

    laundry is the main entrance

    so replace slider with a front door and side window

    outside heat pump hotwater

  • kiwimills

    I like your charcoal balcony idea

  • pottsy99

    I'm a guy haha -- I've done 10 plus houses of my own , plus nearly 20 investment places , plus I have a few commercial buildings that I generally buy run down , and do up and lease out ( often in consultation with the potential tenants ) . A lot of businesses have bright colour themes , thats probably where I got the balls to experiment with colour .

    Yes , I have painted several garge doors -- I use an oil based paint that I thin about 30% with turps , I think it softens the powder coating and bonds better . seems to last 8 or 10 years -- sometimes , because of the way roller doors roll up , it will get marks , but paint is 1/10th the price of powdercoating .

    And yes , I know its weed mat haha -- silage wrap was to get a reaction .

    This building is an ex-Police Station -- now offices . The steps and door surround were concrete , the doors solid ( 50mm thick ) timber painted black , the windows were flaking off -white . By starting with the light blue and grey , it looked better IMO , then I carried on and did the door raised panels in those 2 colours , before adding the tangerine orange , the red numbers , and the window sills in the same tangerine orange , while the filligre ( think thats spelt right -- the swirly bits in the top glass panels ) sets off what were boring window panes .

    That took maybe $300 and a day -- not many people pick it as an ex-cop-shop any more !

  • kiwimills

    Great job!! Looks fantastic.

    Thanks for the tip re paint.

    Sounds really doable. Ta

    Here is my original plan and my tweaked plan. Any flashing lights?

    Being a pro and all.

    Front door is laundry...hence putting a normal door in and getting rid of slider

  • kiwimills

    Windows have been bumped out

    Easier to see laundry

  • pottsy99

    I'll play the devils advocate here , and throw around some ideas to get you thinking .

    Put a gate at the 'right hand' end of the house , forcing people to knock on the downstairs door -- make that your main entrance ? Even if you put in a semi-fake foyer -- knock the downstairs stair wall back 600mm-1mtr into the garage , tile it , put in plants , an artwork . Maybe tile the stairs ( looks like it is carpetted at present ) ? Do the stairs in non-boring , but not overly bright , wallpaper , and at least 1 feature light ?

    I like your imagination in closing off the laundry and changing the toilet entrance , but seems like a lot of work for little gain -- you'll end up with a fairly blank space , with some door handles . Leave the laundry as it is , and the ranch slider , add some cupboards above the washer and dryer , and the opposite wall , utilise the space , don't hide it IMO .

    It looks like you are trying to do a butlers pantry -- okay , I'm not a fan , but effectively you will be moving water and drainage and power and gas , and adding a wall , to achieve very little -- hard to tell , but I don't even think the kitchen is over the garage , so access is more difficult .

    The island is an obvious choice , but here's a couple of ideas -- take out i length ( 2.5mtrs ) of full height window , wall up to 1.2 mtrs , put your sink along there , and use the view , with the stove either against the existing 'end' wall , or the hobs on the island . You could even do a higher breakfast bar to show a clear break between kitchen and dining ?

    OR how about ( depending on natural light ) move the whole kitchen back , and have the dining room by those windows -- no need to change windows then ?

    Another dilike of mine is toilets facing showers -- I realise that is how it is set up now , but I'd look at the design and space in each bathroom ( generally , showers are easier to re-position than toilets ) -- even changing a toilets 'direction' by 90* makes it look less obvious , rather than looking like a roadsign pointing towards a shower haha .

    You'll probably use none of those ideas , but maybe it'll get you thinking of other possibilities ?

    Merry Christmas .

  • kiwimills
    At the moment the entrance has an Arrow on wall and a walkway up the side of the house, with a new Boardwalk.
    The door downstairs opens to an empty basement and garage. Not pretty , but will do basement up for air BnB and they can access their space by French doors, out to drive and family can enter in that door into garage.
    Only people who knock on our door is travelling salesmen and we would have to come up and down the stairs to let them in
    May as well make them walk the plank! ( we have no extended family here , )
    Once basement is done, then there will be a small foyer, but again...would rather people come up to me rather than me coming down all the time, not that that happens much ! Once a month,...

    Wallpaper on every wall...original from 1989, so painting over it but a light fitting yes and there is a floor to ceiling window up stairs
    Carpet for now, but wood or something would be nice on stairs. But noisy...near master...

    The shower is going into the main bathroom ( instead of shower over bath ) and the loo becomes a powder room, so poo isn't on the handle when you leave and people might actually wash their hands, so for three walls and a door added to side ( re use door) I think a sep shower is worth the building work.
    I have 5 kids, this way you can use the loo, wash hands and leave, rather than wait for someone to leave bathroom, or use laundry tub...not going to happen

    Yes, laundry behind doors with storage to ceiling, and shelves to right of washing machine for storage ... Water, food, t roll etc
    Opp wall nice hooks, a bench for putting shoes on ( u take shoes off in Kiwi houses ) and of course a loo door

    Walk in pantry, no sink, so no water needing to be moved, kitchen above basement so access to pipes easy. No gas where we live, toaster and kettle etc stays in pantry, bench at the end wall for stuff like that. 300 wide shelves on the whole wall, floor to nearly ceiling

    I have that now and love it, and nothing in breakfast bar, no sinks, no hob etc, just for plating up and eating on

    Higher breakfast bar is there now, don't like the view blocked.

    If I change the loo in ensuite, I would have to widen the wall...too dear

    And I don't like loos facing shower, but to expensive to change direction, but will rip out basin and put double vanity in wir area.
    So will feel bigger.

    Going to work with the sliding doors in kitchen for now as exy to change,
    Happy to have sink on a wall, we put everything in dishwasher even electric fry pan so not much washing up, but dishes get stored near sink so need that on wall with fridge blocking the mess till goes in dishwasher

    Hob on new wall being built to house pantry, with a wall oven near it

    But I hear what you are saying...and if it was nice downstairs...I would keep it as an entry..but it looks like this below !!
    Pretty mank.
  • kiwimills

    My breakfast bar nownow

    Behind nz mirror, walk in pantry. Doors ahead, appliance cupboard

  • kiwimills
    So thank you....will get a nice stair light!! Lol

    And will paint balcony and garage doors
    And a foyer will be built inside the downstairs door. Will get doorbell..incase someone does visit

    I'll come down.....

    Maybe change that door. It's pretty gross
    For a front door.

    Thank you !!
  • amonymousanne
    Hi Kiwimills , Why don’t you have an intercom doorbell installed downstairs so you can tell the pesky salesmen to go away .Have an automated lock as part of the system so you can let in your tradesmen and friends .
  • kiwimills

    I just let the dog out.......

  • kiwimills

    So builder starts July 8 th,
    Here is a plan re kitchen
    Pillar at edge of breakfast bar..650mm end
    Then angled so you can actually sit!!
    ( due to Windows)
    Thoughts ?
    Wilsonart black mirage benches, French oak/ white/ black cabinetry

  • kiwimills

    No gap on right....

  • kiwimills

    Oh and we moved in in February.
    Since living here, tweaked a few ideas.
    Tried to simplify renovation to make it cost effective

  • kiwimills

    Bumped out into eaves
    Island will be here. On plan it doesn't show the ' bump'

  • siriuskey

    Hi there, not sure about that floor plan and the pantry when you could just have the pantries facing into the kitchen which will also give you better use of floor space. I also think the Island bench to is angled at the wrong end so that you don;t have the stools next to the cooktop and access into the kitchen and the angle would be better if you made it so that it was at least 200 /300 deep on the narrow end, just some thoughts.

  • kiwimills

    Its 650 deep, you think it should be 200/300 on top of the 650 or instead of?

    The stove is on the side wall.

    Stools are by the sink. Did you mean sink ?

    Between the pillar and window is 900, so not too much room if you have more bench, stools and a person. But I may have miss understood you ....


  • siriuskey

    Do you mean that there's a support post beside the 650 end of the island?, 900 between it and the cooktop cabinets isn't very much , 1 m to 1.2 would be better. Also is the angle on the Island for appearance as 900 deep island gives more seating space

  • kiwimills

    If you go up 5 posts, there are photos of the kitchen and pillar. The glass windows etc. Its 950 between end of island and cook top cos of said pillar.

    1200 between fridge and island

    Its very tight.

    3600x3900 are the 2 walls.

    But sliding doors/ windows on 3rd wall and diningspace

  • kiwimills

    Runs into the

  • kiwimills


  • siriuskey

    do you have a floor plan?

  • kiwimills

    Yes it's just above with a few different layouts that I've had a play with, but here it is again. The house was extended out under the eaves which doesn't show on plan. No wall between dining and lounge either now
    And the cupboard is where their fridge was in real estate photos
    Which I will keep in same place.
    So original plan is a little different.
    But we have 3900 X 3600 square shape to play with.
    Haven't included the space in front of Windows , as that's where stools can go and we can't put units there. Only included the two solid walls

  • kiwimills

    I'm opening the square opening from fridge all the way to edge of the a waste of light and space.
    The walk in pantry has a wall ,,,it's not open to the back.
    The kitchen drawings just show a gap so it makes it easier to see.
    They won't be facing into a hall!!

  • siriuskey

    Your floor plan doesn't have dimensions, including width and depth of the bump out wall.

    You plan on using the Laundry as entrance to the house?

  • kiwimills

    600 deep and you have drawn the length correctly.

    The laundry is the front door so will put the laundry into a cupboard, and make the entrance a bit more appealing.

  • kiwimills

    These things aren't there or are slightly different to original plan. There is also no door from laundry to hall. Bath over shower and they bumped out the eave from wi to

  • kiwimills

    From Wir to ensuite loo.

  • siriuskey

    where does the 3900 finish and are you moving the laundry downstairs ad what's down there in this house. What do you mean from WIR to ensuite Loo

  • siriuskey

    And mark dimensions to the post

  • kiwimills

    24/12 post shows garage and empty basement downstairs
    Laundry staying upstairs, going into a cupboard. European laundry.
    They bumped out eaves by wir and know..built it out, made it bigger like they did in kitchen.
    So wir and ensuite are 600 mm deeper than on plan

    Pillar is 3600 from opening where fridge is . 950mm away from window .
    3900 is opening to wall where hob is. See kitchen plan for dimensions of the wall space we have to use
    I don't want an island being wrapped around pillar as don't want laminate seams
    I need the pillar left alone.
    But only have so much space to work with cos of said pillar.
    And no, not moving it.

  • kiwimills

    Plan for basement studio with a kitchenette and washing machine.

  • kiwimills

    Post in blue. My idea for master

  • kiwimills

    popped pushed out eave on!

  • siriuskey

    Just read your broken post re WIR to Loo, There are dimensions on the plan but are too small for me read and zooming makes them unclear, and it's no fun guessing,

  • kiwimills

    Yeah, the phone keeps jamming. So you think the pantry should face the windows?

  • siriuskey

    so the 3600 wall is plus the width of the bumped out windows?

  • kiwimills

    Yes. Which is another 600mm

  • siriuskey

    Distance from cook top wall to post?

  • siriuskey

    A very simple layout keeping the floor space within the kitchen, the WIP takes up a lot of space with not much gain, The broom cupboard could be moved to the Laundry/entrance, narrow.

    If the wall has been bumped out to the eaves on the deck side giving an extra 300 depth to the kitchen you could make the island 2700 x 1200 and all drawers.

    The wall of narrow pantry will hold all pantry needs and more, no deep cupboards to dig into. cheers

  • kiwimills

    Thank you, I appreciate your time and talents ...that is very kind of you to draw me up an alternative design, and would make the kitchen feel more spacious .
    Would the pillar be part of the island or next to it?

  • kiwimills

    The Windows behind stools are just Windows. Sliding door ( one only ) is where you have 300..and left of their dining table
    So Island can be pushed closer to Windows ..just saying !!
    But thank you so much!!!

  • siriuskey

    Your house is all about that VIEW, I have just recently finished helping a friend with the design of their kitchen which has a support . There are lots of photos online they can look great. It depends on what size you would like to make the island as to how the island and post go together.

  • kiwimills

    It really is! Great view. Very lucky for the price we paid.

    We have replaced the orange glass.
    So now even more view!

    I don't want the pillar in the way, or being wrapped into the island, or blocking seating at the island , so it needs to be next to it, but not ' in it' as not using stone, so seams can't be buffed out.

    Your island is fine, just shrink it

  • kiwimills

    Meaning, I'll just shrink it !