Help with the layout of a living room

I would love some suggestions with the layout of my soon to be living room. I have lived in the house for a year and am still agonising over what to do with the front room. There was so many things I didn't like about the whole house design but it was in the perfect location for me and was a good price for only a 2 year old house. I have made many changes to the layout already but need to finish the front room which is a weird little layout and size. I am thinking I will take the wall out between the front room and the dining room to open it up and have it as a living room but I can't see any way of avoiding putting the TV against the front window, which is not something I really want to do but I want to be able to view it from the kitchen, dining and living. I would also put a corner lounge where the wall currently sits. Does anyone have any alternate ideas please. I would really appreciate some feedback.

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