Wisdom of the crowd needed : Exterior and interior color schemes

Brant Raven
January 23, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Really need some advice and thoughts about a color scheme for an Edwardian we are renovating.

I have attached a picture below.

The roof and guttering will be ColourBond Manor Red. This is pretty much set in concrete.

Exterior : We were looking at either some shade of white for the weatherboards, with an ocean blue trim for the windows and features....or inverting the pallet... an ocean blue (or lighter) for the weatherboards with white for the windows and features.

Interior : Some shade of white for the walls and cornices with a brown for the skirts and door frames...OR...white skirts, cornices and frames...with a shade of grey for the walls.

Personally I like all options...but Wife is pulling out her hair.

Thoughts and options???


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