Retreat Living Cabinetry design

last year
I am hoping for ideas on a design for some built in cabinetry in a small second living area of our new home.

I originally thought of a half wall, room divider between the sitting area & hallway, but am glad I didn’t, as the space is not large when you’re walking in a finished house.

The room is for reading, listening to music, or napping!

The couches are too big in the space, but they are super comfy for my husband’s naps.

I want to built ins to have a kicker, so you can get close to a bench area, where the record player sits.
Then I have a lot of books & ‘putables’ that I would like to store display on shelves above.

What are ‘putables’ you ask, well our son gave this name to items that have limited function, you just put them around the place to look nice.

Maybe some closed cupboards below & open shelving above, is as far as I have thought.
Maybe wine in there somewhere too, but not a lot.

Photos of plan & the room from different angles attached.

Then some ideas I have liked from online e.gs

Tanks to anyone who has time for a reply.

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    last year

    You're certainly on the right track with installing cabinetry/joinery.

    I would suggest having a consultation on site with a kitchen/joinery company to come up with a design. They could come up with a combination of open shelves, cupboards, etc. along what you've suggested. Theres a lot to consider so meeting with the designer on site is critical.