We need facade/cladding ideas please

Jayne Russell
January 29, 2019
last modified: January 31, 2019

Hi everyone!

We are doing a renovation and need to source a material to clad /cover our alfresco area. The house is brick and we don’t want to cover the whole house so looking to do a feature wall of sorts as we can’t blend with existing brickwork.

the third pic shows the walls that need to be covered. In 1st-2nd pics it shows new roof with additional area on top of glass doors.

the ceiling is v-groove and will be painted white. inside glass doors will be a new kitchen so will flow from inside to out.

bonus points for any inspo pics

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    I am a great fan of James Hardie's Scyon Axon material. It is very versatile, looks clean and crisp and can be painted in any colour. The best choice for your home would be the smooth finished 133mm panel.

    Mid Century Modern Addition · More Info


    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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  • julie herbert
    I love James Hardie Scyon cladding also, fabulous product.
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  • Jayne Russell

    Thanks Julie and Dr Retro!! With the Vgroove roof, would you run the panels on the wall vertical or horizontal do you think?

  • julie herbert
    Hi Jayne,
    I would run then vertically , this would then make a feature of both roof and walls, using the wider panels on the walls would look fabulous.
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    Hi Jayne,

    Have you heard of our product DecoClad?

    Its an aluminium cladding product that comes in 5 designs and 30 finishes!

    DecoClad is so easy to install - great for a DIY project.

    If need more info, feel free to contact our team on 02 9603 1888 and we can send you a sample.


    Lorne, Victoria | DecoClad ‘V-Groove’ in DecoWood ‘Weathered Timber’ · More Info

  • pottsy99

    I was going to suggest a nice horizontal timber design -- and then I see the Deco-Clad post , which looks similar . Personally , I'd want samples , to see how 'real' it looked , and also do a cost comparison with actual timber .

    Depending on budget and how long you are wanting to live there , I'd also look at a light to mid-coloured stonework , or some of the veneers are very realistic too , but more expensive than nicely stained wood . Or for a real Wow factor -- how about some stonework , some timber , and even a water feature , possibly water rippling down the wall around 1.2 metre wide , maybe with a 300-400 wide vertical fern and herb garden either side -- takes advantage of any 'spray' , and adds life and vibrancy , as well as looks and variety ?

    No disrespect to Dr Retro and Julie Herbert , but my personal thoughts on Sycon and similar cladding is that it looks too modern for the existing brick ( what I'd term an 'old style' brick ) , but that's just me -- to implement successfully you'd want to work your way around the house and update quite a bit more , or it would look too obvious IMO .