Need help furnishing family/dining

Goodie YumYum
last year

Hi Guys,

I am trying to furnish this area to accommodate dining/lounge seating for up 6 people (normally 2 - 3 adults and 1 x baby) but think I might be pushing it given the limited space. I already have an existing 2.5 seat lounge 2m x 0.9m and also need to fit a large fridge (outside of the kitchen area) with a footprint of 1m x 0.75m and possibly a low buffet 1.6m x 0.45m (other furniture will be purchased). There will likely be a TV in the room (mounted on wall) but this does not necessarily need to be the focal point of the lounge seating. I am wondering if I can squeeze a 6 person table in the bottom left corner, fridge back to back with the floor to ceiling pantry, buffet back to back with kitchen sink and some arrangement of chairs in the remaining area without blocking access to the glass sliding door.

Anyway I would love to hear your ideas, even if its just confirming that the space is too small for what I am trying to achieve. Thx in advance Goodie :)

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