Exterior colour selections for 3 new units

February 2, 2019
last modified: February 2, 2019

Hi All, I would really appreciate your thoughts on colours that would work best for 3 new units with front elevations shown below. As the frontages are narrow I was thinking light natural/earthy colours would be the way to go. The options I have been considering are:

Roof - Basault
Gutters - Basault
Fascia - Basault
Garage doors - Timber look (as shown) or Surfmist
Facade - Ghosting or Surfmist
Piers - Render - Basault (to match roof) or Ghosting/Surfmist (to match facade)
Windows - Aluminium Ultra Silver
Doors - Timber with glass slats (possibly horizontal slats for units 1 & 3 and vertical slats for unit 2)

I am also considering the option of changing up the garage doors eg. timber look for the middle unit and surfmist for units 1 & 3.

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