Exterior colour selections for 3 new units

February 2, 2019
last modified: February 2, 2019

Hi All, I would really appreciate your thoughts on colours that would work best for 3 new units with front elevations shown below. As the frontages are narrow I was thinking light natural/earthy colours would be the way to go. The options I have been considering are:

Roof - Basault
Gutters - Basault
Fascia - Basault
Garage doors - Timber look (as shown) or Surfmist
Facade - Ghosting or Surfmist
Piers - Render - Basault (to match roof) or Ghosting/Surfmist (to match facade)
Windows - Aluminium Ultra Silver
Doors - Timber with glass slats (possibly horizontal slats for units 1 & 3 and vertical slats for unit 2)

I am also considering the option of changing up the garage doors eg. timber look for the middle unit and surfmist for units 1 & 3.

Comments (6)

  • siriuskey

    Have you already built these units, I would be a it concerned with unit 1. having unit 2. garage next to my living space would it be better to have two garages side by side to avoid this.

  • petermdn

    Hi siruskey, not built yet but the plans are locked in so I'm really just focussed on the colour selections at this stage. The front rooms next to the garages are not the main living areas, they are just the entrances that could also be used for a small study or sitting area.

  • siriuskey

    sounds great, can't really advise on colour schemes, but currently everything is grey, perhaps you could introduce something classic or new

  • bigreader
    Render Ghosting. Piers Basalt. Garage and front doors all timber. Amp up the look by having a low timber deck as the porch floor extending out a bit.
  • petermdn

    Thanks bigreader, I appreciate your comments. Do you suggest all 5 piers in basault or only some of them (eg. the 3 closest to each garage)? I was just concerned that having all the piers in such a dark colour may emphasise the narrowness of the homes. What are your thoughts on Ghosting Half for the front facade and full strength Ghosting for the piers to keep it light but with a slight contrast? Also do you think Basault or Woodland Grey for the roof colour would look better?

  • bigreader
    All five piers in the same colour. Double strength ghosting would be a good option also. I like Woodland Grey and Basalt. I think Basalt is probably the winner against timber. But whatever you choose keep the gutters and fascia the same as the roof, they aren’t a feature and should blend.