South of Seattle Mid-century looking for suggestions for exterior

Kathryn Leber
February 4, 2019

Our house is in a nice neighborhood south of Seattle with marine views. It was well built and loved by only two previous owners before we bought it last year. We love it.

We want to repaint it and put on a new roof. Windows are energy star so don't want to change them but do want to change front storm door. Any suggestions on how we could make other exterior design changes, exterior paint suggestions, roofing for nearly flat roof that is first part seen as you drive down the hill.

Comments (2)

  • Kathryn Leber

    I thought it would show the photo. The house is painted pink with turquoise trim.

  • oklouise

    would love to see photos of the house but you've posted on an Australian website and we may have different products than you need