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February 10, 2019

Me and hubby cant agree where and what size shed to put on the block of our new home. He wants a 7x10 meter, where i think we should go a bit smaller (we have 3 young kids with a few large outdoor play equipment things). He also wants to put the shed towards the front of the house closer to the road, where i prefer towards the back. Any ideas or advice? The green area is yard, sorry if this doesn't make sense im new to houzz :D

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  • oklouise

    subject to council regulations i would prefer towards the front of the block so that you don't waste too much space on a long driveway and can fence off the backyard to create a safe play area away from vehicles but the challenge will be to make the shed look attractive from the street

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    Most council areas require a building permit for a large 70sq,m shed. Something so large will take up a lot of your outdoor space. Consider the height of the shed, and the setbacks required from your boundaries. Consider how much shade the shed will cast, and how you plan to use the ground on the southern side of the shed. Finally consider your own outlook. Which windows will look at the side of the shed? Do you want the view from your living areas to be of the shed? What about the neighbours views? Are there any restrictions placed by the developer of the subdivsion on the size, materials, colours and location of sheds?

    You haven't provided enough information about the orientation, but you do need to chat with council about their requirements for setbacks. Once you have this information you should peg out the corners of your proposed shed on the ground to see how it relates to your house and outlook to help you reach agreement.

    By the way I agree, with you the shed should be a lot smaller. Your husband's proposed shed is about the size of two, double garages!

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

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  • bigreader
    That’s larger than a double garage and I think a bit over powering for your block. Have you checked with the Council if you are able to erect such a large outbuilding?
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    The Wild Heart Collective Australia
    We have a block of land & just built an 8m x 8m shed on it. I personally didn’t want a shed that big but hubby will be servicing our cars (ex mechanic) & also converting part of it into a man cave. Given the size of our block & future house build location, we were fairly limited in where to site the shed so it was built on our rear boundary in the back right hand corner. As awesomelouise has rightly pointed out, it becomes a waste of space as long driveway access. Had we placed it at the front of the block, it would have only left 8m for the width of the design.... the house is 13.5m wide :) it’s all about priorities, how you plan to use the shed & how you plan to live in your backyard. Our shed is about to double as a tiny home as we commence a glamping adventure with our kids & watch our dream house build get underway. The long driveway will do double duty as a race track in the winter time & cricket pitch in the summer time ;) Good luck with your decision.
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  • siriuskey

    If you can afford it I would build an attached bigger wider 3 car garage, the 3rd car garage could be set back a bit from the 2 car, with it's own single garage door, easy access and possible future granny flat and safe for kids

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  • billy50
    The shed is a great investment, my husband placed industrial shelving a metre from the back wall of our shed and put up plasterboard so you can’t see behind it. This storage area is for for items that we would have had to find room for in the house, it’s great. Our shed is 10 x10 and sits at the back of our block, we have planted capital pear trees along the side to help soften it. The kids have used the driveway over the years for cricket, basketball, tennis and numerous other activities. My only regret is we didn’t install a sink and toilet.
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    MB Design & Drafting

    It's a big shed and councils can take a dim view of large sheds in residential areas... even more so if its a metal clad shed not fitting in with the area.

    In my area a client had to do their detached triple garage in brick, etc to match in with the local area.

    Depends on why he needs a shed of that size? What material is to be constructed of, how high, etc..

    Currently doing a large workshop/garage for a client that is to take a car hoist, etc. all in a residential area. We're placing it towards the rear of the site access by a gravel driveway. The design is to be compatible with the traditional character of the area and with use an attic type of roof line and weatherboard cladding, timber windows, etc..