Too much concrete!

Happy Home
February 12, 2019
Hi Houzzers.

Just wanting to pick your brains.

We have spent the last few years extending the back and working on the inside of our 1965 post-war home. Now it’s time for the exterior!

I’m looking for some suggestions for what to do with our driveway and verandah surface. It’s the original concrete. Hardly any cracks but pretty discoloured. A power wash a few years back helped a bit but not great.

The garden usually looks more’s just the end of a hot summer.

Don’t want to spend a heap on fixing up the concrete nor paint it (I’m worried that comes off with time and looks worse,) but I DO want something that looks fresher but that is sympathetic to the original look/style of the house. I am proud we haven’t rendered and “modernised” like so many others in the street have!

Suggestions welcome!


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  • Elizabeth Bradshaw
    I am actually having a concrete driveway, alfresco and verandah, having it honed so a bit of sheen
    Hopefully we'll be happy with it!
  • Happy Home
    Elizabeth- would love to see pics once you’re done.
  • dreamer
    Wonderful home, congrats on keeping it original. Please, look into painting of your driveway and verandah path. Paint has come along way in the last 10 years, and would greatly improve the concrete look.
  • PRO
    Andrew Stretton Construction

    Hey Guys, Sealing can be a great way to go on a budget and will lift the place 100% , but ...yes there's a but, Preparation is key and is crucial to your end result otherwise it'll eventually peel,flake or fade.

    Concrete Honing or light grind with a Matte Sealer finish looks great too, but a little more expensive and or a Spraypave option which requires regular 12 monthly/2 year resealing to keep it looking beautiful..but there are heaps of colour options.


  • oklouise

    i think you may be pleasantly surprised how cheap quick and easy painting can be for concrete ...modern paints are so much better and properly prepared can last for many years and painted concrete would be very much in style with the original house and even a concrete colour paint will freshen up the look of the driveway and front verandah ...why not test paint a small section to see how it looks against the bricks ... another idea is to swop the porch fence for a porch roof, add a dark brick (matching the window sills) border around all the plain concrete after cleaning and add some big new shrubs and deeper garden beds around the front lawn to create a lush new front garden to create a view from inside

  • Elizabeth Bradshaw
    Happy Home will post. Won't be until October at least.