Outdoor external tiles

Robert Bakker
February 12, 2019

We have tiles sitting under a covered external area. The area is is adjacent to the swimming pool. The tiles are extremely slippery when wet. Looking for ideas/options as to how we can make the tiles safer. The area is 6m x 4m

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  • dreamer
    Google: slip resistant paint. There are a few available on the market.
  • Robert Bakker

    Thank you I am aware of these types of products. I was just hoping there might be something more pebbly mix type covering?? ie something with a bit more body.

  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia

    Are you wanting to lay down something like an exposed aggregate or something that you can still see the tiles?

  • Robert Bakker

    Don't care if I can't see the tiles. Just after a smart product that will go over the tiles make them non slip and looks attractive. I'm trying to avoid retiling.

  • dreamer
    Is the flooring, tiles or concrete pavers? Either way, have you thought about laying matting
    Or have you seen this non slip paint product that has various colours with a lot of texture.
  • Robert Bakker

    Thanks Dreamer. the csw coating seems to have more "guts" to it than the Berger non slip.

  • PRO
    Andrew Stretton Construction

    Hi Robert,

    first question, any fine line cracking in between grout or is it all the tiling/Concrete base pretty stable ? Paints and Sealers certainly can do the trick ? but there are other options depending on your budget and future plans.

    If you are handy type of person, you might consider ripping up the tiles and re starting with a nice Concreting grinding and sealer, these days grinding / Honing is done in such a way its not that slippery anymore, or do a Spray pave that does give you that Gritty feel to it but can leave you with a more difficult surface to maintain to keep clean..i guess it depends on your circumstances.. just a few thoughts to leave you with.Good luck Andrew

  • Robert Bakker

    thank you