Advice Please - Do I get rid of the carport?

Brant Raven
February 16, 2019

Hello Community,

So those of you who have been looking through my other threads will know that I am doing a renovation of a Federation/Edwardian style house.

I have now started looking at the backyard.

The backyard has a a carport on one side...under which there is a small shed. One the other side is a very tall Betula tree...which is extremely close to the fence line. I have added pictures below.

My thoughts and questions;

  1. We are definitely getting rid of the little shed under the carport as is serves no useful purpose. We can build a nice tin shed down one of the side passages...but the car port is VERY close to the new part of the house and it simply doesn't look good. It has been suggested by the builder that we might cut the carport back to the gable to open up the space a little more...but I am wondering if maybe we should remove the carport entirely? This would open up the space completely and make it larger overall. We could retain the space for parking a car when needed, but it would be open.
  2. As much as I would love to keep the tree it is extremely close to the back fence line and I fear I wont be able to erect a proper fence. I really dont know what to do here. Should I get rid of the tree???


Thank you as always


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