POLL: What's your favourite kitchen splashback?

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March 13, 2019
last modified: March 13, 2019

Splashbacks are not only practical for protecting your walls from moisture, but also enhance the design of your kitchen. We recently ran a story on some of the latest kitchen splashbacks we're loving.

We want to hear from you what your favourite kitchen splashback is? Vote and tell us in the comments.

Marble/natural stone
Geometric tiles
Subway tiles
Patterned tiles
Stainless steel

Comments (22)

  • Brian Algeo

    We used Glass and acrylic, easy and quick to install, cheap, easy to clean and suits our kitchen perfectly

  • PRO
    I love the ‘concrete crush’ splashback. It combines so well with the natural woods and I think rather low maintenance!
  • PRO
    Natasha Walker Interiors

    Depending on the style of the house and kitchen determines the splashback selection. Tiles are coming back, previously I have used a number of options, continuing the bench top for the splashback for a contemporary look, or the use of mixed materials,

  • PRO
    F-Studio on the Mars

    Glass gives you numerous options for design, especiially printing on glass. However, depending on the style of he kitchen the best choice can be tiles or stone. I do not personally like acrylics that much, though corian and similar materials are great if you want a consistent finish thoughout.

  • PRO
    Mayfair Building Group

    I feel that with a neutral selection of tiled back splash you will last through many trends. These funky greens and yellow glass backsplashes will age to soon.

  • jerpie293
    My mum's kitchen has a Lamin's splashback (matches the benchtops) and after 25 years is still flawless. Super easy to clean and looks great, wish I could get someone to do it in my house!
  • jerpie293
  • PRO
    F-Studio on the Mars

    Laminated boards cannot be used behind the cooktop, being a combustible material it is not safe and against the Australian standards, unfortunately.

  • PRO
    JAYEN INNOVATIONS Kitchens and Joinery

    Here's one of my personal favourites:

    A contemporary and minimalistic design with high gloss. The bench top and kitchen splashback are made of glacier white corian stone. Easy to install, aesthetically clean-cut and pleasing.


    Black High Gloss + Glacier White Bench Top · More Info

    High Gloss black kitchen with white corian bench top · More Info

  • Brenda Martin
    Hate windows used as splash-backs.
    I’ve seen a lot of narrow windows used as splash backs and just can’t understand why. Ok, aside from letting light and the garden into the kitchen, and the use of additional upper cabinetry ....just why! Cleaning must be a nightmare. Give me anything but a damn window.
  • annb1997

    We had a large window behind the kitchen sink in a previous home. Loved the garden view outdoors but did require regular wiping off water splatters, although we didn’t mind too much. Our current home has part of a window over the end of kitchen bench (but not behind cooktop), AND there are two long windows above long bench outside the ensuite. This is where our sinks are located and the purpose of windows here is to provide view of pool and enhance the feeling of serenity. It works!

  • annb1997

    I guess I prefer glass for my own kitchen splashback - for ease of cleaning, plus the endless choice of colours. However, I love so many of the beautiful tiles I’m seeing elsewhere, so if I was ever to build or renovate again...tiles it will be.

  • Brenda Martin
    Hi Annb, my butlers pantry has a lovely window by the sink so I’m not opposed to that at all. I was more referring to kitchen cooktops having windows as kitchen splash backs. Cleaning up after cooking is certainly more work than water from the sink.
  • annb1997

    Hi Brenda, I’m with you on that! There’s a window over sink in my BP as well...however, it looks right at my husband’s outdoor kitchen and he’s not fastidious about keeping it clean! :/

  • Sheryl Eustace

    Hi,I like glass and I designed my own splash back using small black/white patterned tiles that I have in the kitchen by taking a photo then enlarging it in photoshop then I added circles and applied a technique. I then added a border.After this I had it printed onto a special paper .We then applied this to the area of the backsplash is then added the glass.

    The glass can be taken off if required

    Sorry Photo has the reflection on it.

  • PRO
    F-Studio on the Mars

    Hi Sheryl, thanks for the idea! It's such a creative and individual solution! So, you wanted to repeat the tiled pattern?

  • Sheryl Eustace

    yes...took photos of 4 designs then played around with them until I liked what I saw...

  • PRO
    Moss Furniture

    We like Caesarstone for benches as well as splashbacks in Kitchens

  • PRO
    Metamorphosis Interior Styling
    I’ve got glass and though I love it, it’s more of a love of convenience to be honest. It looks great, is super easy to clean and just generally low-maintenance which works for a family like mine with all the cooking we do. Tiles have seriously upped their game in the splash back department. With the endless variety in stunning designs and textures I know for sure that I’ll be using tiles for my next splash back; we’ll just have to cut back on rich, splatter-ey tomato based sauces!
  • Vicki Boatwood

    We originally had glass when we built 10 yrs ago but recently became bored with it so went for tiles...absolutely love the final look

  • 3132design

    We used a photo with glass - can be printed behind or printed onto the back of the actual glass (ours is permanently on the glass). Still love it. It's a tiny studio kitchen but gives it depth.

  • PRO
    Blavatsky Design

    Glass is great because you can put wallpaper behind it. Infinite choice of pattern and colour.