Fridge Location in Kitche

April 4, 2019

Hi all.

We are doing a kitchen with a walk in pantry. Almost exactly like in this photo. Any thoughts on the fridge placement? Would this restrict flow to much or is it not an issue?


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  • pottsy99

    My viewpoint is that I'd sooner have the fridge at the 'other' ( right hand end ) of the kitchen , away from a window , and have it 'along' the wall , but that depends on space , doorways , etc . Having said that , if the window already stops where it does , it's a reasonably clever use of what would otherwise be an underutilised area .

    In the above pic , I assume there is a door just out of sight , beside the fridge ? If there isn't , I would have been inclined to have the cooktop there , instead of the fridge , but thats just me .

  • Nat

    If you did have it there would the doors open mean someone can't walk in and out of the pantry? I agree with pottsy99 above, could it be placed on the opposite wall? Or could the entry to the pantry be put on the opposite wall? Otherwise, if you can't move it, maybe look at the slimline french door fridges (Mitsubishi do one) which don't have big doors to crowd walkways.

  • PRO
    Kiwi Kitchens Ltd

    Be very careful about placing a fridge next to a wall ... most of the time you need to open the doors beyond 90 degrees to be able to pull out baskets etc inside and if the wall is there you won't be able to do this.

  • PRO
    Refresh Renovations Manukau Alex Wong

    All good points. Agree with Pottsy99, could it be placed on opposite wall. Opening up the fridge would limit access to pantry. Great point mentioned by Kiwi Kitchen as well as I've seen this happen and it makes usually the vege draw in your fridge redundant as you cant pull it out due to the door not able to swing fully open.