Form Ply Joinery Durability

Mel Whitson
April 12, 2019
We are thinking of using the black form ply as joinery for our kitchen, laundry and other storage cabinetry. But I’d like to know if the black has durability or if it can get scratched and chipped during normal wear and tear?

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  • siriuskey

    I remember a young architect using it for his kitchen and as he said the only mistake he made was trying to use it as bench top as well, it doesn't take that wear.

    We have just recently added some draws to our 900 x 600 Bunnings pantries and used this ply as the front panel of the draws, I wish that we had used it as the base as it's so strong.

    I would suggest that you pick up a small piece from Bunnings (who cut ours for free) and stand it in the kitchen to see how it goes.