Kitchen needs help

April 14, 2019

We have just moved into a new house (please excuse the mess!!). Kitchen issues: We need to install an oven, as there is currently only a microwave/convection oven (cooktop is currently situated over the microwave). Once we have an oven, we will need somewhere to put our separate microwave, and some extra cupboards/drawers would be very handy too as we are already low on storage. Question: where should we install our oven and where could we fit a microwave and some extra storage? Please note the windowsill which has no bench below it is a little low in comparison to the bench top adjacent, and the pantry on the wall opposite the benches is a very narrow cupboard (i.e. not much depth at all) - there is room next to it for more cupboards/microwave nook, but not sure if that would look weird as it would be deeper than the pantry. Finally, we are not intending on undertaking a renovation, we really need to keep costs low. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • me me
    Are you able to post an actual plan of the kitchen?
  • lmage

    Sorry! Only just managed to find my tape measure. Here is a rough floor plan. Thanks in advance

  • dreamer
    I would install a new oven exactly where your microwave is at the moment. I would install new cupboards, the length of your wall under the window. These can be built so the top of bench sits just under the window sill. Yes, they may be slightly lower, but it would add a lot more storage. Place the microwave on the top of these new cabinets. Installing a new PowerPoint in the corner for microwave. This would make it safer to use microwave, because it will be at waist height. Transferring cooked hot food directly onto bench.