7 Valuable Benefits of Exterior House Painting

Advanced Painting
April 16, 2019

1. First Impressions Are Everything

Even though you may do your best to teach your children not to judge a book by it's covers, unfortunately we all do it occasionally. Let's face it first impressions really do make a lasting impact. So when you take a look at your home from the outside with fresh eyes, ask yourself - "is this really portraying the best impression of my family to anyone who would look at it for the first time?". If not an exterior house painting service can improve that for you.

2. Brighten Your Daily Mood

Even though you may have become used to coming home to your house in it's current condition. You will be surprised how much better your mood will be when you come home and see your newly painted home. With a fresh new coat of paint your home will be brighter and more vibrant. Your mood will also uplift and this can help reduce stress and depression.

3. Protection Against Weathering

This is a big positive of exterior house painting. Whether your home's exterior has metal, timber, both or some other material on the outside, these materials are facing the harshest elements. Fierce sun, strong winds, salt from nearby oceans or rivers, the list goes on. Without a protective coat of paint on these outward facing materials they will quickly weather and deteriorate. Rust or timber rot can then quickly travel to structural supports and before you know it your entire house could be at risk of being unstable. Ensure your homes exterior is painted completely with weather resistant paint and protect your most valuable asset - your home.

4. Update with Current Colour Trends

Looking back on old trends we often think, what were we thinking. Yet at the time it seemed so cool to mix pale pink and green. No thanks! If your home's exterior is stuck in a time warp, it's time to update the colour scheme to something a bit more modern. Better yet choose neutral colours to stand the test of changing colour trends over time.

5. Match The Rest of Your Home

As we spend so much of our lives living inside our homes, the inside often gets updated and even renovated much more frequently than the outside. If this sounds like your home, isn't it time you finally reconnect the outside to the inside? Whatever the design style or trend you have going on inside your home or even on the outside with the landscaping, ensure your homes exterior paintwork matches it perfectly.

6. Increase Your Property Value

When you get your homes interior and exterior paintwork updated and looking great your can add tens of thousands to your property value. Even just by updating the exterior paint your can add significant value. Not only is this beneficial if you are wanting to sell your property to turn a profit, but also for when insuring against the value of your property.

7. Become House Proud Once Again

Even if you are not wanting to sell your property, you owe it to yourself to increase your standard of living. Also by having a well presented and visually attractive home to come home to, you will become house proud once again. Just like the time when you first moved into your new home. Be happy to have friends, family and guests come round to your newly painted home with an exterior painting service.

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