Thoughts please: Parents’ ’90s living room makeover

Kat 1809
last year
last modified: 8 months ago

My parents never picked their own furniture. They got my grandmother's old couch in the ’70s (classy stripe corduroy and beams) and rugs as a wedding gift. The couch was ugly but wasn’t broken so they didn’t mind and we kids got to eat ice cream on it without being told off. Safe to say the carpet is a wreck though.

Now we’ve all moved out mum says “it’s my turn to have nice things”. They want to redo the carpet and get a new sofa (total seats must come to 7). Ideas? We like dark grey carpet and fell in love with a white fabric sofa but perhaps dark grey will be too dark in this room, and white sofa stressful to keep clean. The grandkids would have to be kept 10 feet away!

Thoughts appreciated!

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