What Splashblack??

7 months ago

I have recently done a new kitchen, but have not yet got a splashback installed as i cannot decide what to do! The kitchen colours are off white, wood & gold accents, with a fresh concrete bench top. I'm not keen on tiles, as I hate cleaning the grout, I had glass in my old kitchen & don't think it will suit the style. We could do the same as the bench top but does anyone have any other suggestions??

Thanks :)

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  • pottsy99

    Without seeing the rest of the room ( curtains , dining or bar stool colours , etc ) I'd go for a primary colour -- blue or red or orange or yellow .

    Actually , thats not quite true -- personally , I'd go for subway tiles in the above primary colours ( or black ) , or those tiles that are 25mm x 200mm in charcoal , grey , and metallic colours . Those would need grouting though , but they'd be my first choice -- a colourful glass splashback would be my 2nd choice .

  • robandlyn

    I think using the same as benchtop would look great if you aren't keen on tiles.

    I agree glass may not suit the style. I do think a warm grey tile with a bit of texture would look great (look how nice the grey/charcoal platter looks!!) but i understand your dislike of grout!

    On the other hand if you had a dark grout to match the tile you wouldn't have to worry about the cleaning so much:)

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