Just moved in, help? Want to get new furniture, paint walls...

Vanessa Robinson
7 years ago
This is my room, and as we've just moved in recently, things are a bit of a mess. I would like to change the window(s) and sliding door. The sliding door opens to the backyard, which is a small private backyard, just outside the door is a small concrete sort of patio type thing, sometime in the future I hope to change it to a wooden deck.

The window where my desk is currently faces a wooden fence, and there's a little grass path that leads to the backyard.

I was thinking of somehow building a sort of bed/window seat type thing, by the window, because there's an electrical socket the other side of my bed at the moment, which is hard to get to. I would like to possibly repurpose the built in wardrobe, change the doors, or totally do away with them if I repurpose it.

I do all my school work at home, so it would be handy to have some kind of workspace, and at some point, I'd love to get some of my photography on canvases, so keep that in mind for wall art and things.

But there's are all ideas, you're opinions would be great, as I'm just a teenage girl. Preferably, D.I.Y projects and inexpensive things would be great, my parents say I have to save for everything (which I think is a good idea :D) but, I'm quite determined :)

Oh, and getting different furniture is an option.
E.g desk, dresser, those sorts of things :)

I'd really appreciate your thoughts, oh, and I'm new to this website.

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