Scullery combined with Laundry - OR keep Seperate & have small Pantry

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3 months ago

We are working on more & more Sculleries (sometimes called butlers pantry) combined with the Laundry room.

Our clients are choosing to do this to free up space for extra room in the bathroom/add a study nook/office space, or sometimes to add the scullery into a large 'wasted space' laundry when the Laundry is close to the kitchen - often on an adjoining wall.

This is allowing them to have bench space in the room for appliances such as the Toaster Grill Press, coffee maker, bread maker blender etc .... to be all set up and ready to use & also food storage areas, often large drawers under bench.

One large sink / tub in the area is helpful for both washing / soaking items in a bucket etc ... And for the general light cleanup in scullery rinsing dishes / filling coffee machine etc ... Also handy as an extra sink to hide large pots / dishes away when preparing for a dinner party !

But one question we have from clients that are renovating for re-sale (planning to sell their house once renovated) is 'Is it a good idea for re sale ? or should I keep the laundry room seperate & have a smaller conventional pantry cupboard in the kitchen area ?

What are your thoughts ? Laundry & Scullery combined OK if the area is big enough for both ?

OR do you prefer when these areas are kept totally seperate even if it means a smaller pantry space ?

Would really appreciate any feedback that homeowners/ renovators other professional have on this topic.

Thanks :)

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  • robandlyn

    I would NEVER buy a house with a combined laundry/scullery. A laundry should be nowhere near anything to do with food or food prep. Have you ever had a stomach bug go through a household? Especially with kids when it comes in their beds!! No way would I want to rinse sheets with vomit in a tub near food prep, or even if they were rinsed in a bath or something I wouldn't want to even carry them near food areas to put in a washing machine.

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  • kiwimills

    If you have lived in England...with washing machine in the kitchen as a normal everyday thing, then I don't think people mind, they probably LOVE having a laundry !
    Our front door is basically the laundry sliding door, so I'm putting our laundry into a cupboard so it's hidden, I think it put people off buying the house...entering via laundry. (10 weeks on market, we were the only offer)
    A pantry ' in a laundry' or vice versa doesn't worry me.
    My last laundry was in the garage.
    And big sep pantry in kitchen,
    I would rather a pantry with machine..than no pantry.
    A pantry to me is big kudos

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  • PRO
    Kitchen Express

    Yes absolutely - even in New Zealand having the under bench washing machine like in UK is becoming more common in smaller apartments here ... or the garage is very common isn't it. Your situation of laundry at front door area is so common here in NZ too ! we often put doors over this area exactly like you are mentioning ... I agree this may help hugely with your house sale :). Good Luck ! :)

  • kiwimills

    Yeah..I'm in nz. Northland.

    You come " around the back" to enter, which..is the laundry! Those tummy bugs are a lovely welcome!!

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