How do I plan a random garden?

7 months ago

I live in rural Tasmania on about 5 acres and am wanting to revegetate the paddocks to create gardens, privacy and wildlife corridors. I am ok with the process, soil preparation, the indigenous plants of the area, contractors, landcare etc but the part I really struggle with is how to plan for a natural random look.

I have attached a diagram of the block (driveway is about 300 metres long leading uphill to a garage shed and the house) and intend to put in 2/3/4 rows around the fences and then randomly create largish garden bed areas in the middle.

I have consulted with a landscape designer and whilst excellent, my somewhat OCD brain won't let me get past order in to randomness. I don't have a huge budget and would rather buy plants (I will be using tubestock) than pay "starting from $2,500" for a full design. Any tips or tricks to planting for a random look around the fence lines and in the middle areas would be most welcomed.

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