Which colours should I choose to freshen up my exterior?

Matt Private
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

Really struggling with which colours to paint our eaves, windows and gutters with this brick...Any advice would be appreciated. We’re planning on landscaping the front to modernise it, getting rid of the two large plants in the process.

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  • bigreader
    6 months ago

    A dark colour that picks up the fleck in the brick. But it looks in good condition so I’d focus on landscaping and any other works you have planned.

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  • Kate
    6 months ago

    I would go lighter than current cream for a fresher look. Need to stick to a warmer white, those with a hint of red not blue. Try fair Bianca 1/2 or even antique white. Or white polar quarter

  • amonymousanne
    6 months ago

    I think that the colours that you have , already blend in well . The landscaping should improve your entrance . Will you do that yourself or employ a landscaper .

  • pottsy99
    6 months ago

    Surprisingly , I like colour haha -- I'd go Chrome Yellow for the guttering and carport , and go for the contrast with the brown brick and brown roof -- it would add a line of brightness that is lacking IMO . I'd tie it in with doing your entrance door ( especiallyt if it can be seen from the street ) in the same colour . Sunshine yellow , of course , also conjures up images of the sun , it's modern -- oh yeah , like your solar panels ! I honestly think it would lift and modernise the whole look !

    BUT if you don't want to be noticed , but still want a bit of class , I'd go for a 'metallic' charcoal in place of the mocca coffee cream , and darken down your look . Doesn't sound inspiring , but I know it would look better and more modern than the current 80's look .

  • Maun Collins
    6 months ago

    Hard to see the colour of the brick, but a white would provide contrast, clearly defining the shape of your house and lightening the look. Much better street appeal, with a clean and crisp look. I find dark colours on a house to look hot and depressing. Modern doesn't have to be dark, doesn't have to be grey, charcoal or black.. I would go for a spot of colour on the door, depending on the colour of your bricks. If they are cool coloured, cool yellow, sage green, or even a pastel blue. If the bricks are warm coloured, maybe a bright orange, deep red, or lime green. Doing the same colour on the door and trims would be overkill, I suspect.

  • Daphnemaria
    6 months ago

    I like the light colours too, similar to now but freshened up. The windows look black , But pic is difficult to see.
    Maybe a modern panel door, would make it look wider overall.
    Just thinking that pine bush could be a problem, being so close to foundation too. The garden could do with a look at. ..
    Just my amateur outlook..