backyard inspiration

I am looking for planting/landscaping inspiration as i have a large section of my north facing (southern hemisphere) backyard that is all bark chip.
it's the area beyond the grass in the attached picture, as you will notice there is a very large eucalyptus tree near the back fence, this has to stay.

we also have rear entry, i have paved a small section 1.2x2.5m, just so we can get a car in and i have also just built a retaining wall/planter box at the edge of the grass so we can screen the car.

area dimensions: 11.5m wide x 9.8m deep = 112.7sq. metres

i have another planter box to build, the same size as the one we've just constructed 4mx.8m, but this can form any shape, its not essential to mirror the existing.

i would love sime advice!

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