POLL: How often do you/your family cook meals at home?

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5 months ago

There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal, but we're interested to know, how often does your household cook at home? (Please choose one)

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Every day
5-6 days a week
3-4 days a week
1-2 days a week
Once a month
Less than once a month
Never - Order in

Comments (4)

  • PRO
    Kitchen and Home Sketch Designs
    5 months ago

    Actually we probably eat out once a fortnight ish? Lovely when we do!

  • Dianne S
    5 months ago

    A good looking kitchen with loads of functionality will no doubt encourage one to cook and entertain. If a kitchen doesn’t have this then it can deter someone from cooking.

  • Denise
    5 months ago

    We have just finished our renovations including a new kitchen. Whilst my husband and I both like to cook and experiment, it is just so much more enjoyable and less stressful to do so in a well designed space customised to our tastes and needs.

  • debanger3
    5 months ago