What to do with unused front porch?

Catherine Austin
5 months ago

So we have a relatively large front porch which is completely unused. It faces the road so there is no privacy on it. At the moment it is just a plain deck with the entry stairs. It is south facing so cold and no sun, so plants won't do well on it from what I can tell, and we have a large, sun drenched deck on the north side that we use for outdoor living.

At the moment, it is a bit of an eyesore and definitely detracts from the 'kerb appeal' of the property, which we are trying to improve.

So what would you suggest we do with it to up the 'oomf' of the property?

We are in Tasmania, Australia for reference, so quite chilly in winter and very windy.

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  • Kate
    5 months ago

    I would start by dressing the wall. A large decorative metal screen or mural would provide a welcoming backdrop. It would be great if you could get some colour onto or in front of deck. You would have to look at shad loving plants at your local nursery. Even though you don’t use the deck, a welcoming bench seat and a large colour pot or two would help liven it up, if anything just a place to sit and put on shoes or drop umbrellas.

  • julie herbert
    5 months ago

    Love Kate’s ideas, there are fabulous screens available now, you could incorporate a bench seat, add some gorgeous pots for a welcoming entrance, succulents are very adaptable to all positions, a collection of different types would look great.

  • dreamer
    5 months ago

    I agree with others. Install privacy screens. This would add interest to front of home, at the same time giving privacy.

  • PRO
    New Vision Co.
    5 months ago

    Hi Catherine,
    Hope these few ideas can help. Here are a few ideas for this area I can suggest.

    • Replace the white pebbles with a hedging gardens along the deck, could also use rectangle pots with tall hedging plants, I would research hardy, frost tolerant plants.
    • Add a timber and wire handrail with timber slats above.
    • Close in the deck to create an entry large porch, with furniture and railing.

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