Demolishing a pool

5 months ago

Looking for some advice. We recently bought a house with an in-ground pool that has been filled in to create a veggie patch. The garden is tiered, and the pool is at (house) ground level on three sides, the fourth is side has around 500mm of paving and then a drop down of approx a metre to the rest of the next tiered level. We are wanting to install a deck over where the pool currently is. I am wondering if I can simply hammer through the retained side of the pool so as to allow sufficient drainage, then build the deck over the top without needing to cart away scrap. Would this work? Has anyone had experience with removing a pool wall for this purpose? Any ideas welcome

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  • Kate
    5 months ago

    You prob won’t be able to put posts in the pool if it is uncompacted fill

  • siriuskey
    5 months ago

    I'am guessing that if the pool was used as a veggie patch that it would already have drainage? otherwise what would happen to any rain water build up etc. Without photos, size of pool etc, I think that the deck could be built using all four sides of the pool as support for the deck to be built on, you might need a couple of RXJs ?

  • Liz
    5 months ago

    We covered a small inground spa which had been turned into a fish pond with a low deck. Spa drained and filled with rocky rumble ti help with drainage. There was enough room on 3 sides to build the deck without removing any of the spa structure. The fourth side was next to the pool which we retained. Little trickier but as there was 1-2 paver width between spa and pool, we managed to have deck and glass pool fence installed. No idea on the technical requirements!!!
    Has been in place for 5 years with no issues touch wood 😀 Good luck!