Cathedral Ceiling?

Katelan Parkinson
4 months ago

I would love to put in a cathedral ceiling, my problem is that I don’t know if it would be better to go kitchen/family or kitchen/meals. I think kitchen/family would look great but our meals area goes straight out to alfresco so I don’t want that to look ‘cut off’ from rest of the room. If we did kitchen/meals we could extend that right through to alfresco roof! So hard to decide!!


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  • bigreader
    4 months ago

    Kitchen/meals/alfresco would look amazing. This house belongs to Amity and Phil from The Block. They blogged about it on a blog called Doing our Block.

  • bigreader
    4 months ago
  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls
    4 months ago

    Cathedral ceilings can look spectacular, especially at night if they have uplighting. However, most builders quote on truss roof framing which is cost-effective. quick to install, and hidden behind a plasterboard ceiling. To go for a cathedral ceiling you will need to change to a raftered roof to have a clear, open, cathedral-like space. These are much harder to build, so a LOT more expensive. Some builders won't even build a raftered roof as they only work with truss roofs. I would do your homework with your builder regarding the difficulty and potential costs before deciding which option you prefer.

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  • Katelan Parkinson
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    Thank you, i actually got the idea from a house that our builder is building at the moment! I did know we would have to change our plans to suit and have an engineer do up some sort of extra plan.

  • ddarroch
    4 months ago

    What climate are you building in?

    Generally, I believe cathedral ceiling are good in cooling dominating climates, where higher room volume can help with cross-ventilation.

    However, active cooling ( by air conditioning) would be tougher.

    Same goes for heating, higher volumes require more heat to warm them. So cathedral ceilings may not be a good idea for climates that are mainly heating dominated.

  • PRO
    3D Home Concepts
    4 months ago

    Ask your designer what CAD program they use, they may be able to give you a 3d model to see what it may look like. Revit , Archicad and Lumion are what i use as commercial programs.