steam clean or shampoo new carpet?

Sarah P
last year

Hi, I’m getting my carpets cleaned in my new build and I reached out to two cleaners, one suggested steam cleaning and the other suggested shampooing was best for a new build. Can anyone tell me which I should go for? Thanks! (Carpet is nylon)

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  • oklouise
    last year
    last modified: last year

    why do new carpets need the carpet manufacturers for best advice?

  • Sarah P
    Original Author
    last year

    Carpet guys left it filthy. Didn’t vacuum after themselves, then someone went over them with muddy boots (long story) so I just want to make sure they are pristine before we move in as it’s my little kids rooms

  • Kate
    last year

    I’d be reluctant to shampoo as it shouldn’t need a deep clean and this can add water into underlay. But I’m not really sure what diff is. I normally do either a dry clean or a steam clean.

  • digitalmarketing work
    4 months ago

    Carpet steam cleaning is very water-based and uses steam generated by intense heat to remove and soak up the same dust and dirt as modern vacuum cleaners.

    Depending on the chemical used, you may be asked to vacate the house after the chemical cleaning has been carried out, although the process of fumigating the house is very similar. Carpet cleaning consists, as the name suggests, of removing dirt and the dirt itself and requires very little water to clean roots and fabric.

    Very few chemicals are used, so no precautions need to be taken and dry cleaning can tackle the problem at its root.