What is legal requirement for position of power points in bathroom

2 months ago

Hi, long story. Short version: The guy that did my sheeting in ongoing bathroom reno, changed the location where electrician did roughing in for power points for 2 vanities in bathroom and ensuite. I am getting these fixed, but now electrician is minding grandchildren for essential workers and cannot return for months due to him wanting to self-isolate for his own sake and that of baby and toddler of daughter. Just so roughing is put back in correct place, could someone guide me to what is the standard position of power points above a vanity. Big vanity is about 1500mm and inset in space of 3 walls. Vanity is skewed to the left of the vanity. My intention is to get powerpoint put on RHS wall (the non-feature wall), but I don't know what the standard position is above the vanity. Also, there is plumbing in this same wall for the toilet and so I want to ensure I am not getting tiler to put hole in wall too close to plumbing fixtures.....any advice would be appreciated. In the meantime, I will see if I can find the Australian Std. Not sure which one I should be looking for though.

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